Mastering the Head Stand, or Not

24 April, 2021

Mastering the Head Stand

Its ok to wobble, its ok to fall.

If we look on the internet, we will all be told the amazing benefits of the headstand on the whole body and individual aspects of our bodies.


Is this what the pose is telling us or is there another meaning!

So many of us focus on perfecting the headstand in its lower form but like an envelope with a message inside this is an outer teaching, the real message is within the envelope or the pose.  Understanding this will help us unlock the deeper understanding to the warrior pose.

An example of this is a toilet door sign, we don’t just imitate the picture, we go inside!

Our yoga is there to help us work through life challenges, to connect with the spirit within.

Let’s Look through the Pose or

Let’s look through the Deception of the Pose.

If we never master the headstand, its perfectly ok, if we wobble or we are shaky then its ok.

Why is this,

Let us look from a different perspective, we need to invert.

Throw away the envelope, look through the pose.

Ask yourself this

Like the head stand, if our lives were turned upside down by one event or another who would not wobble? i.e. cope

Loss of a loved one, loss of wealth, looks, loss of health, what about when some horrendous thing happens to our family, others that we love are in pain or the world around us collapses.

How many of us would cope, in plain English, would master the headstand?

Not one wobble allowed.

Is the head stand a culmination of other poses, lessons or tests?

Understand the poses and cycle of life.

Inversion, to look within, unity.

Connect with your spirit through yoga,

Lay your cornerstone, make your sequence correct.

Seek unity with your spirit.

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