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23 April, 2021

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Healing by the Spirit -Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers. 

I hope you all enjoyed the Easter Break and the sunshine that accompanied it. 

The message of Easter is one of hope and renewal.   Easter falls in springtime.  When Mother Nature is at its busiest. Everything flourishes.  A time for planting out for our farmers and gardeners alike. 

Crocus and snowdrops, give way to hyacinths, daffodils, and broom. Our countryside and parks are alive with colour.  And the birds of the air begin their courtship ready for spring nesting. 

Hope and renewal plays a big part in our continuing well-being.  As we slowly emerge from Lockdown, we hear news of the impact that isolation has had on many people especially the young.  Whose once busy lives have almost come to a standstill.  No wonder we see throngs of young people gathering in our parks and open spaces.  Like nomads who have wandered out of the dusty desert, longing to quench their thirst at the well of friendship among their friends and acquaintances.  

We are social beings.  We are not meant to be in isolation. Isolation was used as a punishment many years ago when a member of the community/tribe was banished, it spelled death for that individual.  Only those who elect to live a hermit/holy existence will thrive. 

We look to our friends and love ones when we need comfort.  When we have a problem or are given bad news.  Unfortunately, many people have had to deal with bad news without this valued support.  The death of a friend, spouse, relative, Covid or otherwise related illness.  And have had  to cope with the pain of grief and loneliness.  

Reaching out may be the most natural thing for one person and yet another person may be filled with trepidation.  The Samaritans do a marvellous job in helping the souls who contact them. 


And we here are keen for you to reach out, if you would like some support, advice, or help. You may have read about the proposed walks where you can walk and talk.  A great opportunity to meet the team. A link to the team is on our contact page too. 

You may recall that in my last article that I briefly introduced you to some of the people, and authors who have influenced me in my practice, spiritual growth, and well-being.  

I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you to Colin Harrison, who is a spiritual healer, here in Merseyside.  Recently, I had cause to contact him regards an appointment for healing.  He sadly declined one to one appointment as we are still not out of lockdown.  Instead, he sent me absent healing.  

I have always benefitted from Colin’s intervention.  And after a few hours my symptoms subsided. Miraculous some would say.  Symptoms that had me awake every few hours with lower back pain abdominal pains and cramps.  Headachy, and lethargy.   My GP was reluctant to offer me yet another pack of anti-biotics, so I had to ride it out so to speak.  Until it became intolerable. Hence my call to Colin.  I reached out to Colin in good faith, faith in him as a healer and faith in God’s good spirit world. My faith has taken me into a different dimension since meeting Colin almost 15 years ago. 

have written about our etheric/spirit body, in my other articles.  This may sound fantastic to you, but bear with me.  Did Jesus not tell us that God is spirit and that we too should worship him in spirit.  So yes, we are spirit with a body, not a body with a spirit. 

 Let me tell you a little about Silver Birch, a spiritual teacher, whose medium was Maurice Barbanell, a fleet street journalist who worked back in1940s and 50s. Through his medium this well-loved spirit guide, and advisorhelped and advised countless people with their problems.  He gave wonderful philosophy. And his wisdom has been recorded for us; you can read his wonderful insights about who we are, and where we come from, in the many books that his devotees have recorded and written. 

I would recommend the book, guidance from Silver Birch, Edited by Anne Dooley.  As a good place to start.  Here, Silver Birch explains that we are spirit.  And reassures us that no one, is overlooked, forgotten, or neglected by God. Whom he calls the Great White Spirit. Silver Birch never revealed his identity and always signed himself off in his blessings, as Gods humble Indian servant. 

He also reminded us that all healing is first done on the etheric body.  You may recall when I talked about the chakras in my last article the energy wheels that spin very fast like Catherine wheels, that sit alongside the endocrine system. 

So, when Colin, or any other spiritual healer helps us they work on the etheric body, or the spirit body first.  Our physical body is then restored to health.  It is all a spiritual process.  As Silver Birch calls it “from spirit, through spirit, to spirit; it is a spiritual process.” 

As with all things wonderful and new there has always been opposition to what some people cannot comprehend. 

Arthur Schopenhauer 1788-1860 quoted. 

All truth passes through three stages: 

First it is ridiculed. 

Second it is violently opposed. 

Third, it is accepted as self-evident. 

There have been several people who have tried to inform the world of truth.  Truth as they know it. 

When it comes to spiritual truths many great sages including Silver Birch have come to speak to those whose minds are open enough and receptive to hearing the truth.  See his book Seeds of Truth. 

There is another great healer who also fared from Merseyside, namely George Chapman.  When he was a child and teenager, George cared for and tended to the local cats, and dogs who had been mistreated. Spending his own meagre pocket money from running errands and chores on bandages and ointments for these poor creatures.  Nursing them back to health was his greatest joy.  A kindly, animal loving neighbour, gave George her basement where he could keep the sick animals until they were restored to health again. George had several jobs as a young adult, including serving in the army.  Later when he left the army, he joined the fire-brigade in Aylesbury.  It was while he was working here that George discovered his mediumship gifts; and under the guidance and influence of a prominent surgeon while on earth he became deep trance medium. 


 Dr William Lang, or Mr Lang was how he was officially referred to, practised as an Ophthalmic Surgeon. It is through the healing hands of George and Mr. Lang that countless people who had serious life threatening, illnesses and ailments were miraculously cured. You can read this amazing true story of a spirit doctors’ intervention via his medium George Chapman; in Bernard J Hutton’s book titled Healing Hands.  Joe Hutton himself was healed in 1963, by this amazing pair of souls. Joe described his condition as diagnosed a polio case, with double vision, and the prospect of blindness.  As a journalist he had to type the keys of the typewriter with his nose close to them so that he could see them. Eventually rendering him unable to work. He confessed that he went to see George Chapman and Dr Lang and expose them for the frauds and tricksters, only to be cured and given a new lease of life. Unfortunately, George is no longer with us as he has returned to his spiritual home.  We do have Colin, and you can read much more about him and his work when you access his website. I will leave the link below. 

I hope dear Readers that you can take some comfort from what I have offered you.  I for one am very grateful to spirit world and to Colin for the help I have received. 

I will leave you dear friends with the words of Silver Birch. 

  “We see millions afflicted with worries that do not always exist except in their imagination. So, I stress get rid of fear. There is no problem with which you are confronted that is beyond you.  If you live and breathe an atmosphere of radiant confidence, you will attract all the forces that can help you and guide you and sustain you.”   

And as always dear friends be kind to one another, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved. 




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