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Fatima’s UK Campaign

2 February, 2024

Fatima's UK Campaign- LifeBalance

After a little message to Fatima the other day, we asked our friend if she was having a day off.  We already knew the answer, but it brought a chuckle to our faces.

As you can see, Fatima is out and about, raising awareness and understanding of our care system, working to improve, promote and give brighter futures to our young persons (YP’s) in the care system.

There are many of us who have worked in care, especially with YP’s.  The children that are looked after come from all sorts of backgrounds, situations and circumstances. Then there are those who have been through the care system and have first hand experiences of how life can be.  Fatima is just trying to make things better for all.

If you have watched Fatima on any TV program or read any of her articles, then you will know that love and family are a staple, a backbone of her work.  She is well aware of how family and a loving environment can help our children grow.  It is very sad to see, but we know there are many children from all walks of life that do not have this, hence the importance of finding a loving and caring foster family.

For those of our readers who would like to help Fatima on her campaign, there is something we could do. If any of our readers would like to help raise funds for her cause, then why not organise a little event.  A coffee morning, sponsored laps around the track, a mufti day at school.  Even if we are not in a position to help then a positive thought to help her mission will go a long way.



Fatima’s UK Campaign working in collaboration with The Fostering Network…recognising the importance of No child should have to grow up without the experience of a family. Fostering makes the family experience possible.


Mark Riddell. Fatima’s UK Campaign for children, young people in the care system continues to gain traction for the care system “Summit” April 2025 I’ve also gained their support for early intervention and care leavers “Asks” and requirements to be in the manifesto! Mark & myself will be putting A Manifesto of What about us “Asks” for & by Young People with care Experience. If you want something done right, do it yourself.


You can follow Fatima’s progress on her instagram page: https://www.instagram.com/fatima.whitbread/  

You can also link the following link to her campaign : https://www.fatimascampaign.com/

Fatimas other articles can be read by clicking the following links:




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