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Something Different

1 February, 2024

Something Different- john Fairbrother- Concordia clinic

Something Different – John Fairbrother – Concordia Clinic

Something a little different for my article this month, as I’m going to talk about how magnetic healing and my fellow practitioner, Ian, helped me.

Due to my job as a sports massage therapist, I use my hands A LOT! I also have thumbs that hyperextend in ways they shouldn’t, the two combined give me issues such as pain and stiffness, especially of a morning or after a long day.
Lisa  suggested a treatment with Ian, and if I’m honest, I’d never heard of magnetic healing, so thought “might as well give it a try”!
There’s no physical touch or pain involved in the treatment, it’s actually quite relaxing and Ian is calming in the way he treats.

Overall, I’d say my day to day pain has gone from an 8 to a 2-3, which is a big change and has helped me massively both with work and training.

If you are suffering and in Pain why not come along and see Ian?


Our next day of Healing is on the 13th of April and if you would like or need some magnetic healing come along.  All help on the day is free of charge although the team do accept donations which we use to keep our Healing Days going.  If you wish to know more click the below link

Healing Days

However if you would like to see Ian before then, he will be with at Crosby Library with other members of the team on the 24th of Feb and the 2nd of March 10am-1pm to offer healing or just have a chat about what we do. Take a look at the links below

Bottom of the Pot

Magnetic Healing


Crosby Library

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