The Cinema of the Mind

22 January, 2024

The Cinema of the Mind

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Sometimes it can be hard to describe our own minds, our thoughts and feelings, what troubles us and what makes us happy.  Some of us can also be plagued by guilt by what our minds shows us. There may be images in our mind that we cannot unsee, shaping, remembering and reigniting those memories which we wish forgotten.

On many occasions our emotions influence our minds, these emotions can steer our thoughts, we begin to interpret the pictures in a different way, the pictures then begin to stimulate our emotions further and can create all sorts of problems if not kept in check.  Everyone is individual so things that trouble me and you may not trouble another.

It may be useful for some to contrast our mind to a cinema, not just with one screen but with thousands.  The screens are around in 360 degrees.  Each screen displaying a different thought at different times, different moments.

Question is, who is the projectionist?

It is important to know that in this cinema of the mind we do not always have full control of what is shown. Some of the screen projections are not our own, they can be influenced in many ways.  Other people can send us negative thoughts, they will show on our screens, we can pick up on energies that translate into pictures in our cinema.

Negative thoughts we have sent out come back, they may come back on multiple screens. Events from the past flare up to drive anger and hate where we have been hurt. When our lives or that of our friends has flashed past our eyes.  We may even be reminded of events so painful that we cannot talk about them, they absorb us, so much that day to day living is functional at best.

What we do have, is the ability to turn that screen off or not let it influence us,

Or what Paul of the Enlightened Minds say’s “change the channel”.

Like most things, it takes practice and we do get better at it.

If we haven’t done well today, we try again tomorrow.


The Cinema of the Mind. 

Our western society does not really take into account spiritual influences and when we say spiritual, mean that of the negative energy and negative spirits and how they can impact the mind on a grand scale.

We are always helped by good spirit world; we may just not be aware of what is around us and how much they prop us up in times of trouble.

Many people would not even consider or believe that a negative spirit energy can affect our thoughts, feelings or how we decode and interpret the world around us.  How these energies can hijack our projectionist and subvert how we feel about ourselves and others.

They think they control the narrative and do their best to keep it that way!

Some of us through no fault of our own, accident, situation or illness become more susceptible to these influences and what is shown in our cinema’s changes.  There are other influences that effect what we see, drink, drugs, our individual path, our situations, childhood to start with, but what about anger, sorrow, pain or hate. The last being a dangerous attractor of things we wish we hadn’t.  This will affect our interactions with others but also what we feel about ourselves, how we look at ourselves, judge ourselves and contrast to others.

What about those who have experienced trauma, horror, violence, betrayal, abandonment, manipulation.

Cleverly our cinema is not just a cinema, it is advanced, complex and smart it works with other aspects of our being to where it can manipulate feelings, thoughts, our values and how we value ourselves.  All of this being projected on the screens, these pictures, thoughts and feeling strong enough to convince us that we are worthless, troublesome, bad mum, bad dad, no use to others and a burden, even to the point that we should not be alive.

Unbeknown to some there are influences and puppet masters behind these problems revelling in our misery feeding off our pain and suffering.

What about those cinemas that only show fake news, we are fat, too skinny, to impress on us not to eat, to continue to drink, horrible, vile, no use to anyone, keeping the real truth away from the viewer or the cinema that keeps showing our mistakes and calling us names.

The sad thing is that many of us battle with our own minds, so at times it can be hard to look out for others and to know how to help.  This being said we need to know how to battle the mind, because


We are a spirit in a physical body

We are so much more than what the mind can show us and if we are in cycle of negativity, trouble, melancholy or depression, then we need to learn how, not so much to fight the “self” but to change it.  To improve our canvas.  There are some that are sensitive, and they can pick up all sorts of thoughts which they believe are their own, some along with pictures hear voices that say not only horrible things, swearing and cursing but incite suicide or to hurt others.

Once the mind is in a negative spiral it lowers our vibrations, we seem to attract more and more suffering, as is the nature of low vibrations on the physical body.  The cinema is open 24 hours and the negative screens increase trying to neglect the screens of happiness, family, love, all the things that are opposite being shown, all of what brings us joy, whatever they may be.

Truth is we are in control, we are just made to feel that we are not.  When we see those images that hurt or cause pain, we say NO, not my thoughts.  It doesn’t matter what is shown, we do not accept, we will get better, we will improve, we learn to turn the screen off.  We can’t change the past, but we can improve tomorrow, we battle the negative thoughts that lead to negative deeds. We learn to battle in a different way, to create Peace.

We wish you unity with your spirits,

The projectionist that shows truth, love and light.


If you wish to speak to any of the team then please get in touch or join us on our next “Day of Healing” or for our “Bottom of the Pot, Self Healing group” at Crosby Library or you can get in touch via the email or website.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/events-getting-the-help-we-need/ 



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