Really Really Want

10 January, 2024

Really Really Want

Really Really Want – Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to this new year of 2024. 

 I usually close my article with this reminder. 

A problem shared is a problem halved.   

And this is a wonderful truth. 

Especially when we feel we can sit down and open up to someone whom we feel safe, and comfortable with, someone who will honour our confidences. 

So if this is something that is applicable to you, try and trust and share what is troubling you. 

We at the healing team are still here to help and support you. 

You may have noticed that the team are running a six week course at Crosby Library starting this Saturday 13th January, start time 10.15 to 11.15am.  You can attend one or all of the 6 week program. The cost is £5.per session or what donation you can afford.  This monies goes towards the cost of the room hire. 

Check out https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/self-healing-group/

We wish to thank those who attended last Saturday, and from your feedback enjoyed the day. 

It is January! and as is the tradition we tend to make new years resolutions. 

I have learnt from past mistakes that instead of a whole list of changes I want to make or achieve, I’ve managed to narrow it down to what I really, really, really, really want. 

There is an emphasis on the “really”, for a good reason.  Because in the law of attraction, what we focus on is what we usually get, and also what we don’t want is what we usually get too.  Why is that you may ask.?  Easy its the amount of energy that we put into our hopes and desires 

Sometimes, instead of concentrating and meditating on what we truly want without ego, or fear, we find ourselves wishing we could be fitter, healthier, slimmer, trimmer, instead we tend to bemoan our inactive, couch potato lifestyle of fast foods, and sugary energy drinks.  We see the muffin tops, and thickening waist bands and feel deflated.  This too carries an energy, because we have just done the opposite of what we really, really, really, really, want. 


I wish to share with you a few ways to prevent this from happening: 


It takes, focus, and clarity to achieve our goals.  And this is where writing down our goals and desired outcome can help us. Vision boards, affirmations, and goal planning helps us to place our focus on our goals.  We need them to be real, realistic, achievable, and within a time-frame, that is achievable.  For example, if you wish to drop 20lbs, then setting a weight loss goal of 11/2 lbs per week might take you 16 weeks. It is important to love who you are now.  And as the weight slips off you, you can love yourself even more for your achievements.  Always be kind to yourself.  Remember Robbie Burns, if at first you don’t succeed try, try, try, again.  However if you apply the principle of  really, really, really, really, wanting to lose weight then my friends you will achieve this because your energy and focus will take you there. 


 We call this affirming what we truly want, even if we haven’t yet achieved them.  We use the power of our imagination, and believe that we have that slim, trim. Figure.  We can visualise ourselves in our favourite outfit, eating nutritious food and beverages.  Exercising on a daily basis.  Perhaps, walking for 20 minutes extra each day, taking the stairs rather than the lift.  We don’t have to join a gym, but if that helps then taking realistic steps to achieve, the goal, is not only helpful but beneficial, for us. 

Some of you may want to change jobs, here visualisation can help.  We start with an act of gratitude, thanking the job that we have, knowing that when we leave it someone else will be grateful to have it.  We can then focus on the type of job we would love to do.  See yourself, in the post, doing the work that you really, really, really, really, want to do.  And being well-paid and appreciated, working with and for people who appreciate you, your gifts, talents, and skills.  I hope by now that you get the picture. 

Athletes always focus on winning the race.  They know how to pace themselves.  They train rigorously too, paying attention to their diet, and life-style, and practice as we know makes perfect. 

I wish you well with your New year resolutions. 


And as always dear friends a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Thank you for taking the time out to read this article. 

Until next time.  Take care. 


Maureen x 



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