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Magnetic Healing

28 November, 2023

Magnetic Healing

Magnetic Healing

We would like today to introduce you to a healing method that you may never have heard of before, that is magnetic healing.


Many do not realise the importance of Magnetism on our bodies and how it heals.  Keeping it simple a magnetic energy is created to align, repair and restore damage to mind and body.  Many healers use magnets to do this, however there are those who do not need magnets.  They are the magnets themselves.  We have spoken on many occasions on the torsion field of the heart.  This magnetic energy comes from the heart and is a divine healing gift. This energy is then transferred to the healers hands for application to the patient.

Magnetic healing is great for physical pain, bones joints and sports injuries as works at sub atomic level.  It is also good for mental worries, stresses and sickness, those who suffer anxiety and depression.

We would now like to introduce our friend Ian, who is our magnetic healer and will be joining us for our Healing Days.  Ian was a former Liverpool and Everton schoolboy footballer and played professional football.  He is very well versed in aches and pains and sports injuries. Whatever you are going through he is a great listener and will always do his best to help any in need.

Magnetic Healing

Ian has been part of the lifebalance team for quite some time working behind the scenes (too long in our minds LOL) he is very much looking forward to helping those who may be in pain.  He is also available for 1-1 appointments.  If you are battling with your mind, battling your thoughts, difficult finding your self worth or thoughts of a dark nature, come and have a chat with Ian and the rest of the team,

Ian will be working hand in hand with John from Concordia clinic to help our guests with the aches pains and sporting injuries.  If you wish to know more about magnetic healing come and have a cuppa and piece of cake with Ian and the team.

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Magnetic healing


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