Pigeon, Swan, Dove

26 November, 2023

Pigeon, swan, dove

Pigeon, Swan, Dove

We would like to share a little more on the swan and pigeon poses.  This now is the next layer of understanding, improvement or refinement to our knowledge.  No different from our physical practice when we wish to improve and refine our posture.

We have spoken in the previous 3 pigeon and swan articles about aspects of the pose to consider and think about.  These articles can be found in the yoga section on our website.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/category/yoga/

In our article indentation yoga, we have introduced a little of the spiritual mechanics that make yoga work. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/indentation-yoga/ What many yoga practitioners are still are not connecting, is that the vibration in the East is very different from the vibrations of the West.  Eastern and Western cultures are very different, this is one aspect of why our yoga is not quite working how it should.

However, when we go back to source, we learn from the inner light, instruction and application seem easy.

Taught by the spirit within

If we have read the articles on pigeon and swan poses, we will understand that both poses are delivering messages.  If, however we do not have the corresponding mental attitude or understanding, things can go a little offkey. Let us consider being in a pose. The words that we call a pose or use may not animate the pose.  The pose may send the energy and instructions to the wrong place.  https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/the-reality-of-yoga-poses-part-2-demonstrate-the-pose/ 

Off-key Incorrect vibrations – wrong direction

We need to know what the pose is for.  All poses have a spiritual quality to help and assist.  What we read on the internet is not always helpful, because the understandings are generally missed out.  What will work in the East will not necessarily work in West. A little more reading can be found here https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/warrior-pose-part-7-understanding-the-armour-and-the-path/

When we place ourselves in a pose it begins to attract vibrations, these vibrations try to influence the soul and the other spiritual bodies.  Remember the physical aspect of yoga is just one part.  Regardless of, if we believe or not, we will be affected in one way or another.

Now on top of this pose, if we attach or identify to a particular animal, bird or thought what happens then?  We are also attracting those vibrations.  These vibrations may not be good for us, they may interfere with our paths, our minds and emotions.   Our yoga practice has become the opposite of our intentions.  Our yoga practice may not help us evolve, we may just be treading water or worse, pushed backwards.

The reasons we share this knowledge is so that our readers can look and understand their personal practice in a different way.  We can look and feel the difference in ourselves.  The yoga of today can be the union of tomorrow.  There will come a time for all of us that we are not in a position to do a physical practice.  Our yoga of yesterday becomes union of today.

Now that we have given some foundations, we will move on to todays understanding and that is of the Dove.  As we progress from Pigeon, to Swan, to Dove, then the lessons refine. The essence from the first lesson links all the new knowledge shared.  It is then easy to accept new knowledge as it makes complete sense.  If we do not have these foundations and when given extracts of information, we may not understand the true picture.  We may miss the truth in our yoga practice.

To understand the Dove, it would be useful to understand “Abstract Nouns”.  There is more information in the following article. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/the-reality-of-yoga-part-3/  An abstract Noun is something that we can’t feel or touch, but we can see in action.

What lesson is our pose carrying, what is the message?

Universally the dove is a symbol or peace.  This may now make understanding our yoga poses a little simpler.  We are imitating symbols that have spiritual effects, an internal quality.  What makes the dove a little more interesting is most of us know the dove to be carrying a branch in its beak.

This branch is the olive branch, the branch of peace, from this branch and what it bares, we make the oil of peace, the oil of forgiveness. We need to consider, do these next steps have physical poses or are they abstract nouns? Do we have a vessel to hold this oil.  Many of us use yoga to create a body that we want.  Have many of our readers have thought about creating a body, a vessel to hold the oil of peace? The oil of forgiveness? The oil of letting go.

What vibrations do we need

When we have really let something go, it does not trouble us.  Regardless of how many times we remember, how many times we put ourselves in to a pose.  As we have discussed in previous pigeon and swan articles, both these birds are good at remembering who has mistreated them.

Take the branch and build your nest.  So as the song go’s “build a little birdhouse in your soul”.  Hope for doves, look for doves and seek their peace.  As when we do, everything changes for the better.

We wish you all unity with your spirits.


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