The Reality of Yoga part 3

28 April, 2022

the reality of yoga part 3

The Reality of Yoga part 3 – Seek and Ye shall Find.

What are we looking for, what do we want, do we know how to get there, are we sure of what we want, are we sure of the outcome?

We will continue this month with where we left off last month.  If we just use our yoga practice for fitness and exercise, then this article will not be for some but is still worth reading because something may hit a chord.  This article is for those who wish to know more, to find out more, to be able to raise our own vibration and create the peace and harmony that many of us need in our lives.

Unless we know what we want, it can be hard to find but using the words of White Eagle we may, “wait till the clouds clear and the Sun shines through”.  What about those of us who use who use our yoga practice for higher realities or realisations, to seek the Kingdom (samadhi) and create peace in our lives on earth.

Unfortunately, there are so many rules, observations and yogic laws which are ignored.  These all impact on our peace, health, state of mind and hormones.  The yoga path is a difficult one for many, more so now with Western misinterpretations, lack of knowledge, minimal awareness of how poses effect the mind and no recognition of spiritual science.

As most of our readers know we always advocate setting our intention before a class and that is for “a good old stretch”, we use the will to intervene on our behalf (this is another talk we will cover at a later date).  When we are given tuition which tries to open spiritual paths and paths into the mind or other realities, we need to make sure the source is correct!

As teachers we must be careful of our words, as words can open and close doors in the student the same way as kindness and hostility open doors in others.

It would be beneficial for all to know what influences we attract when performing a pose, how the planets effect our pose, how the earth and moon effects our pose but also the Great Pyramid of Giza (that may send a few of you over the edge).  Many of us read our horoscope, believe it or not that will have a negative effect.  The vibrations we put in our minds can attract or repel or can be made better or worse by individual poses.

For those of us who are sceptical about all of these aspects and elements and those who think it is a load of rubbish, this is another great safety mechanism but WHY?  Why do we see it as a good thing? Is there something else going on, are there factors that have not been taught or understandings not given for individuals to discern or consider, this being said, we still enjoy our physical practice!

We have spoken about the abstract nouns of a pose (a quality you can’t see or touch), what about virtues, what if we as individuals are doing something in our life that is opposite to the lesson energy of the pose, we cause conflict.  Which one wins depends on where we send our attention.  The yoga will not be able to advance us or help us, we create a stagnant cycle.

There are always times when teaching that we “wing it” but when it comes to spiritual science, esoteric or occult knowledge we had better make sure we do not lead people down a wrong path, this cannot be winged as can cause disharmony if wrong and karma for both.   Regardless, if you’re a teacher or student, simply go and have a good stretch and workout.  We tell you this because many will not be aware or know that when we teach from a previous epoch (age) the lessons will never translate correctly to fit in with the current way of life, even more so with the Wests picking and choosing of yogic values to fit into a material culture.

There is so much more to this so we will introduce the “soul impulse” and the needs of the individual soul.  There are not many teachers who understand this, if they did, our classes would be very different, it is very loosely touched on.  To get more benefits from our yoga we should understand the desires of the mind and the impulses of the heart and soul.  Think about it…….

Remember when we look at something it changes

The Reality of Yoga part 3 – Seek and Ye shall Find.

How many of our readers know how yoga came to the West?  Why was yoga brought to the West?  Who brought it?  What did they hope it would achieve?  What did those who brought it believe?  These few questions will give our readers a different reality of what yoga was intended for.  Once we find these, understand them, then things can change for the better, life seems a lot easier.  If we use a different cultural system from a different epoch, it will never connect correctly for us in the West unless we follow the yogic path in entirety and abandon materialism.

We need a new way of learning Yoga, we need to be a taught a different way, we need to go back to the source.

To live in the West and apply a yogic life is very difficult because of our soil, yes soil. To understand this from a different perspective, read our gardening posts!  There so many yogic lessons we can take from looking at our gardens and they all tie into other posts.  These will all be written about further down the line, the fact that we tell you this now will open the doorway to higher thought.  The pose,  “the Tree of Yeshua” which unlocks spiritual truth and will always keep your head above water no matter how hard things get is one such pose but known by another name or the “Fallen Tree pose”, which helps us understand the elemental body, the cycle of life and death and calms emotional energy when suffering or grieving.

Only those who read our pages will have heard of these positions, but they have been given for a reason.  No one owns yoga, no one can create a new yoga, nothing can be created that does not already exist we simply re-find it or may be guided to it.

There is power in names, names are vibrations, vibrations carry abstract nouns, the vibrations a pose carries can envelop a person to help, guide and carry when we have no strength.  Yoga is the armour of God, it is God the mother and father, the voice of calm in trouble and the peaceful warrior when battles surround.  Yoga, union is connecting with the quiet teacher within, the compassionate teacher.

We wish you unity with your spirit

Just as we can take on good elements, we can also take on the bad, we can be influenced or sent not only energy but thoughts, how does the thoughts of another or negative abstract nouns affect us, how does something with no physical being cause pain or problems.  Yoga is not just poses it is thought, deed and action.  It is sowing and reaping.  A thought has no physical presence but can be made real and physical!  We need to understand more how food and alcohol effects our yoga. What about how we treat others, the words we use.  What about when we swear, how does yoga and swearing affect us.

If we are opening spiritual doors for others through pose or word, doors to unseen energy and influence, then we need to know how to protect, close, counter and repair.  Even better simply do not mess with things we have no understanding of.

If I take recreational drugs, how does those negative vibrations effect our minds and yoga practice.  Worse still if those taking are teachers, what energy is hijacking our poses?  What if we engage in occult practices, mediums, channelling, manifestation ceremonies, are we actually aware of what is happening? How do we feel about transmitting these unbalancing and dangerous energies to the class, how do we feel as students?

Just like the internet, we can pick up viruses from our yoga classes unless we know how to protect ourselves and others, we may even be the ones bringing it in.

Using our abstract nouns as comparison there are many things unseen which are keeping us in a stagnant cycle, we just don’t always have the ability to see it, but like our abstract nouns we can feel them.

Seek the quiet teacher, the teacher within

The source of all teachings

Who knows our path’s

and our souls

and steers us away from danger.

To understand Yoga study the garden. The Reality of Yoga- Part 4

If you want to know more about these topics then come and speak with us at our next Day of Healing.  The time and date can be found on the events page.  Events

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