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1 June, 2022


Hello Dear Readers, and welcome to the month of June. 

This month’s article is about faith. 

Recently a dear friend became unwell, following the usual procedure he contacted his GP who duly saw him.  After making some general enquiries into his current condition, he tested his Blood Pressure, “Mmm,” he frowned as he gazed at him over his glasses “bit high, we will wait five minutes and do it again.” 

Anxiously, nervously he tried to control his breathing and relax.  Focus on the breath he told himself. Yoga has long been his passion and practice.  Now when he needed it most his discipline seemed to escape him 

He took it again.  No too high you need to go to A&E at once. 

Fear gripped him as his thoughts raced around in his head, thoughts of stroke, heart attack, has the cancer returned. 

He began to feel hot and dizzy. Fresh air he needed fresh air.  Somehow, he manged to take the note the doctor had typed for the A@E, and in a haze walked out of the surgery into bright sunshine and fresh air. 

His mind was whirling.  As he sat in the car, he took long deep breaths and slowly regained composure.  Well, it needs to be addressed was his decision.  So went home and packed a bag just in case they admitted him 

After a long wait and even longer assessment, he was admitted onto the Acute Care Ward.  Where several more tests were carried out. 

Hastily he phoned family members, and a few close friends, reassuring them that he was alright. 

The next 10 days proved to be the longest he has spent.  Test, after test was made, could be this, could be that we need to rule out that nothing sinister is there the medics said. 

During that time, he prayed constantly.  Requesting friends and family to also pray for him. 

His faith was indeed being tested.  

 So how do we know that we have faith if its never put to the test? 

Happily, he is fully recovered.  But it is a stark reminder that these things do happen and like the thief in the night comes unexpectedly. 

When we pray regularly, we can fall into complacency and say our prayers in a rote way.  It is only when we face challenges that our prayers become more earnest, we are suddenly faced with the unknown, and for many it is new territory, and can strike terror into our hearts.  

We need faith and belief to overcome life’s difficulties and challenges. We need hope.  I am reminded that when Pandora opened the box, all kinds of terrors were released, the last one to come out of the box was small and it was hope.


 A friend recently described HOPE as Happy, Optimistic, Positive, everything will be ok. 


We need others to be hopeful for us too. And to keep the hope going.   

The bible is full of stories of hope faith and belief.  Abraham’s faith in God when he is instructed to sacrifice Isaac, Hannah, the mother of the prophet Samuel who longed for a child and never gave up hope and faith that God would grant her prayer. 

Moses who led the people out of slavery in Egypt into the promised land. 

I have written about many people who have had near death experiences, whose illnesses were cured, and their faith renewed. This was after an NDE. 

When they met loved ones from the spirit world, or the Angelic world.  Some also talked about meeting their guides, and Jesus himself. 

But for most of us we won’t have that experience, and we call on our faith to help us to get through difficulties, obstacles and all that life may throw at us. We may say that some people have blind faith. Blind, because we cannot see spirit world, or loved ones, or the angels. 

 We believe that God in his goodness will hear us and help us through our illness.  We are told many times in the Gospel that Jesus reminded us not to be afraid, that even the hair on our head is numbered and that we are all known to the Father. For he knows what we need even before we ask for it. His Apostles continued his healing work and ministry when he ascended into the heavenly spheres, curing the lame, the tormented in mind.  We say body mind and spirit are all connected.  

 So often prevention is often better than cure.  To stay healthy, we need not only consider our diet, but a diet from negative things, TV violence, people who make us unhappy, or ill-at -ease. Negative and self-defeating thoughts, feelings of guilt.  That can weight us down.  And begin to believe that we are all divine beings with the spark of God the creator within us.  Remember the law of attraction what we give out comes back to us tenfold. 


I believe in the power of prayer.  I know that when others are praying for us in our time of need it sends a mighty vibration into the heavenly spheres, where it is acted upon.  Remember the song popularised by Grace Kelly “For you and I have a guardian Angel someone who’ll watch over me”. We all have a Guardian Angel who will watch over us.  

 A dear man whom I had the pleasure of working with some years back, had a premonition of his death.  

 He was concerned for his family.  He needed someone to talk to, who didn’t think him macabre for having the belief.  

He gained great solace from speaking with me about GA his guardian Angel.  “I talk to him all the time he told me, and I just know that he is there I feel him and the love he has for me. “ 

 I knew he was sincere.  And I encouraged him to express his fears and helped him to approach his wife and children about death and dying.  Of course, this upset them.  But it helped put his mind at rest. 

When his time came to leave the planet, he died peacefully at home with his wife, in his favourite armchair, just resting, after hanging up some curtains for her. 

Faith is like a candle flame, it can light up the darkest room, and can be seen from the greatest distance. Dispelling the darkness.   

So, if you or any of your loved ones or friends need prayer and help.  Remember a short silent prayer said sincerely will be of enormous help and comfort to them.  And let them know you are keeping them in your thoughts and prayers.  It is a great boost to their psychological welfare and mental well-being.  It boosts the bodies immune system, and we all need to know that we are loved and have the prayers and concern of our families and friends. It will help speed their recovery. 

If any of you need help and would like us to pray for you drop us an email and we will gladly add you to our prayer list. 

Have faith, know that you are not alone, we all have spirit helpers, guides, and protectors.  No one is ever overlooked, abandoned, or neglected by Our heavenly Father or Mother.  Be at peace. 

Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read this. 

And remember dear friends a problem shared is a problem halved. 

Until next time look after one another and be at peace. 

Love and Light 


We are holding our  Healing Day and “meet the team on the 25th of June, Crosby Library l22 OLQ 10-2pm

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