The Yoga of Corinthians.

2 June, 2022

the yoga of Corinthians

The Yoga of Corinthians. The invisible effects of union

It is possible when we look at other religions and beliefs that this can enhance our own Yoga practice.  We do not blend philosophies or paths of worship.  If we understand the truth that is carried within.  Then we see the same light, the light that all human beings carry, the Divine spark.

Today we will look at something that Maureen wrote about previously.  Although Maureen is not a physical yoga teacher, when we learn the ability to look through a pose or word.  Our readers will see the yogic connections.  Many of those who read our material have also commented on how all our articles tie together.

They are not random but each overlap and give a little more insight in to spiritual understandings. These understandings will help expand our knowledge and, in many cases, change our perceived perspective so that we see things in a better light.  An improved understanding that helps in our daily lives.  In simple terms or yoga terms our posture improves, we improve our position.


1 Corinthians 13:4-7

New International Version

4 Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5. It does not dishonour others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.


How does Corinthian’s tie into yoga?  Yoga is a method of improving our minds and the ability to create stillness.  Think when we are in physical pain, then our yoga poses are there to correct, alleviate, balance and strengthen our physical bodies.  The effects of yoga are not just on the physical plane, there are many unseen planes that yoga works on.  We have written about these in other posts but those who joins us for talks and workshops will be taught this in more detail.


For those of you who have read the “Warrior pose” articles this then will be a good platform to understand opposites and unseen energies and vibrations.  A little understanding is to compare unseen energies to a television broadcast.

We may not see the picture/ signals or vibrations being sent, but if we have the right equipment then we can see it and be influenced by it. (Take note, not all influences are good!).

This is where the importance of Corinthians comes along and our individual journeys.  Our own minds broadcast and receives.  A physical pose can only take us so far and to be honest it isn’t really that far, unless we have the understanding from the mental plane. (this is another unseen plane that creates thoughts at its most miniscule, the mental plane is a limitless topic and will only be introduced in this article).

If we wish to improve our yoga practice, we should focus more on our minds because this is a key component which is simply not taught here in the west.

Yoga is not about physical perfection is it about improvement of character.

What does your class teach?

This important foundation seems to be forgotten.  We would then realise that what we do when we are not being watched or teaching effects ourselves.  Our students and our those we share our classes with.  The moment we start our physical practice, raising energy and vibrations this can attract the good and the bad.

This now takes us back to Corinthians as when we have improved thought or to think and behave higher, we cannot be influenced as much by low vibrations.  Once we begin this refinement process, we find it becomes easier to do and the pose becomes easier and held pain free (have you heard that phrase before anywhere?).

The beauty of Corinthians is that we do not need a class to practice, it becomes part of our daily routine.  This being said It is not easy, but the rewards are tenfold, we are given ample opportunity each day to practice elements of Corinthians (some have more challenges than others).  We can all think of a draining work mate, angry customer, or shop assistant the list goes on, but do we ever think what is affecting these people around us, do we make allowance, do we judge or send a negative thought their way?

Putting it very simply, Corinthians stops us hurting ourselves and making problems worse for others.  Yes, we know many of you will not agree but lowering our own vibrations will make it easier for other lower vibrations to attract to ourselves.

If someone has a problem and we moan about it, complain and not address it, sooner or later the problem will come out in ourselves plus our negative thoughts amplify the problems of others.  Corinthians teaches us patience, compassion, to be glad for others, to forgive, to be tolerant.

We tell you this because as we start to apply Corinthians in our lives, we start to create peace, when we stop ourselves making fun of someone in a negative way.  Being spiteful, horrible or gossiping then we have protected ourselves, our own vibrations begin to raise.  Some situations in life are very hard to deal with, but as we practice Corinthians it gets easier.  Things that hurt us, no longer have the power to control us or upset us, we are strengthened from within.

How many of our classmates and students can hold a pose for an age, how many of us can practice Corinthians and by that, use love to counter negative thinking.  To forgive when we have been hurt or when others have done bad things to us.   We will let you in to a little understanding, it may take time, but we ask you not to discount it, water it and let it grow on its own.

If you wish to understand your chakras then study Corinthians, consider it a guide to tending your flowers. (Remember what we have wrote before, a happy flower reflects in the root).

We are always a little bit cryptic, but this is how it is meant to be, we are all at different stages so some will understand a little more than others at this time.  Corinthians has not been taught as a yoga concept but the light and wisdom that Corinthians carries is there to help us find peace and harmony.

One thing we will touch on is that we need to understand love in a different way and each one of us may see it differently.  There are many yoga practices that our dangerous to the practitioner many are driven by money or as a gimmick.  Those who teach do not understand the dangers, Kundalini, breath work, manifestation ceremonies are a few.  We see breathwork being taught on the telly with absolute disregard for safety as it is not understood.

The knowledge of the spiritual mechanics is missing, open the doorway to the reptilian brain at your own peril!  We know this as we see many in our healing clinics who have fallen foul of these teachings.  Before we even begin to think about these dangerous practices, it would be beneficial to make Corinthians a daily habit, because maybe, just maybe we would find that these other practices are not necessary.

The message of Corinthians is simple, the yoga of Corinthians just as.  We really are products of our thoughts.  Some thoughts are harder to battle, and some take a long time to overcome.  We can create peace and happiness in our lives, we can overcome so much if we are prepared and ready to try.

Sometimes it takes a bad event, a personal tragedy, a loss, trauma or personal pain to set us on our path.  Some have an internal longing that cannot be quenched.  That existential answer we long for.  The fact that we all love our physical yoga practice is just the beginning for many.  Ask ourselves, why do we enjoy it so much, look deeper.

So finally, we will thank Maureen for her article as it has allowed us to share a very much forgotten yogic understanding.  The more we strengthen our own light the more we can help others, the more others strengthen their light, the more they can help us.  Then the more light we bring to our yoga studios, homes and workplaces. The more we improve our own behaviour, the more we improve our own character the more peace we can create.  Even when shown hostility and anger, we let these things slip by without others changing our reality and how we see things.

Seek ye first the kingdom of God,

Seek love, and Peace shall follow,

We are all creators.


Seek unity with your spirit.

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