Warrior Pose, Part 1

30 January, 2021

warrior pose part 1

Mental Defence: Understanding the Warrior Pose, Part 1


What does the word Warrior mean to you?  What picture shapes your mind?

We are told Warrior pose is a grounding pose.  What does this mean, what are the effects of grounding.

Am I really grounded?

I AM grounded

I AM connected

There is so much information on the net about the physical benefits of using the warrior pose but little on the other benefits.  Today we wish to share with you some spiritual understandings on warrior pose and once used can help us with our mental health but also how we can protect ourselves from the negative thoughts of others and help us in reducing the amount of negative thoughts we send out ourselves.


Remember, what we send out comes back double.


Personally, I am not a fan of the word Warrior as to me I see aggression and pain, I do see strength and protection.  If we fight for a just cause, a noble cause, to serve our King or Queen to uphold the law of good, if we are defending others then this is different, we can become Knights.  One thing that is certain regardless of what the words conjures is the need for discipline.

Mental Defence: Understanding the Warrior Pose, Part 1


The internet recycles lots of information, any yoga page will tell you grounding brings you into the present moment, we do this when focused on any the task at hand, we do this, washing, cleaning, writing but there is a lot more.

Yoga creates and draws unseen energies (it tests us to see if we are ready-pain free) so just like any good electrical circuit we need to be grounded, we need to have a safety mechanism for when things go wrong, simply saying I am grounded isn’t going to work.

There are other aspects of grounding, work, family, life, am I balanced, I am realistic, am I grounded or locked into the physical or material, why am I here!  And just like any electrical circuit we need to be connected to the right source, a safe source, as if not we may get a nasty shock.  We need to understand frequency (vibrations), load and power for optimal performance, they must be balanced, could this be the case with our Yoga poses?


Grounding is the doorway to something far more important.


Many of us can see the effects of not being grounded properly and some practices do this more than others, they will make things worse, they draw up large amounts of energy and create emotional pain, mental pain, pain that there is no need to suffer.  We can avoid much of this if the mind is trained as the heart.


Being connected.


Many who practice Yoga have no belief in the higher teaching but benefit still from how it makes the physical body feel, what if our practice began to heal our emotional pain our mental trauma, how do we do that?  The heart and the law of love needs to discipline the mind.

The King and Queen who rest in the heart need to guide us, we must use the wisdom of our Queen, Inner Goddess, Divine Feminine or our Heavenly Mother. We must seek their protection; we must connect to the heart and try as best we can to follow their law, we must wish to serve a Higher cause, a noble cause, we must raise our vibrations.


It is not an easy path, but the rewards are tenfold, the rewards are Peace


Day after day we practice our physical poses improving but what about our minds, our words and actions.  Do our hearts and minds balance, do we let the kindness of love guide our thoughts, do we acknowledge our King and Queen in others, in our enemies, those that have hurt us or caused us pain.  Do we acknowledge the pain we have caused others?

Is our pose a Warrior or a Knight, a Knight who keeps their King or Queens laws? Or is the Warrior pose part of a refinement process an essential skill we must master. We may become pain free in the physical but what about our emotions, our minds, are they as perfected as the pose?


Warrior King: The path of refinement.


Warrior to a Knight, Knight to Lord, Lord to a Nobleman, Nobleman to a King, a King a Raja we harmonise our frequencies to that of the heart.  We must learn to disarm, we must learn to Defend, Deflect and Rebuke, think past the physical pose we must learn the spiritual qualities that Warrior pose teaches and the peace that it will bring.


As we are now beginning to set the scene, part 2 will cover the discipline of defence and it will be very different from what we have heard in the past.  Over the next few months we will share spiritual understandings to put into practice, practice for when we are not on our mats.


We wish you unity with your spirit.

Want to know more come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing 


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