Understanding Warrior Pose, part 2

5 March, 2021


Warrior Pose

The discipline of defence, part 2.

Thoughts can inflict pain as bows, arrows and swords.


When it comes to struggles of the mind we have to try and think differently and we must be careful with our choice of words as words create vibrations, these vibrations can not only affect our own vibration but can stimulate emotional responses, when emotional we do not think straight.  It is our goal over time, through trial and error, repetition and applying the laws that we lessen the impact of negative thoughts, thoughts that remind us of pain, emotional hurt, angry thoughts to others and ourselves.

Defend, Deflect, Rebuke and Renounce, the aspects of Warrior Pose.

I have always found Warrior Pose to be full of grace, flowing and peaceful.  There are no aggressive stances, attacking motions, no movements that is descendent from or prepares for combat – the source must be pure.  In fact, it brings balance, it has the grace of Tai Chi, the gentle flow of energy, devoid of emotion and the peace that radiates from the heart flowing through the pose and teaching us discipline and responsibility of thought.

  Energy can stimulate thoughts, good or bad.

Places, buildings, Yoga studios all house energy, people carry energy, your pose creates energy.  Very simply good energy can help us, and bad energy can cause problems.  The strength of the energy can find in our mind something of equal power, happiness or pain, a thought, a picture, a memory but how do we know what is right!  We must trust our hearts and apply the law of the King, the law of love and righteousness and learn to discern what are our own thoughts and what is not.  We must not let this energy change our thoughts or emotions.



Look at the pose again:

Look at the arms outstretched, look at the footing, look at the heart, our minds are now the warrior, look at the grace and flow.  Arms outstretched we defend ourselves from negative thoughts, If we honour our King and Queen we do not accept harsh words, unpleasantness, being treated like dirt, the judgement of others, cruelty or scorn but in the same breath we do not send out the same, we learn to hold back on the mental arrows that we send to our fellow man and woman.



Anger, jealousy, abonnement, hate, self-worth, torture, greed, spite, slander, deceit, lies.

The legs do not buckle, the natural weak point of the knees bend to control the flow of energy, the strength of the heart stopping us hurting ourselves by reacting on negative emotions but also holding us back from doing this to others, we use the gift of the heart, love, compassion, we make allowances for those who do not understand we keep our vibrations high.

Defend and Disarm.

At no time does our warrior attack or send back negative thoughts as we understand how vibrations work, the warrior understands the individual path and the damage created by low vibrations on another, illness, sickness, depression, mental and emotional pain and even suicide.  We must be disciplined to think positive, think good and not to judge another or make their problems worse by sending low vibrations (bad thoughts).  For what we send out comes back double.


We learn to rebuke others for unrighteous acts, we use our enemies as wise teachers never hate but most importantly we rebuke ourselves for criticism and pain that we cause others, we learn to check ourselves and listen to our Heavenly Mother and Father. We follow their law, a higher vibration to create peace, a kingdom fit for a King, Samadhi, supreme love.


We must have discipline of the mind, we must have control of the thoughts, regardless of how much energy is created or volatile emotions are, anger, fear, we must stand strong as the peaceful warrior.  Unarmed, arms outstretched, the heart is the shield it teaches us how to be and how to act.  We are all at different stages of refinement, different paths, but as we learn to rebuke ourselves, we must learn to renounce the arrows and swords blows that we send out. This must be done quickly before the thought hits, as once it lands, we lower the vibration of the target and receive double back ourselves, this is the folly of negative thoughts and influences.  But be warned, if we send out thoughts of harm and hurt, we will suffer the consequences, we will wound our warrior AKA our Mind or our physical body.  Karma will follow, our heavenly mother will ensure we learn our lesson for this is Law.

Defend, Deflect, Rebuke and Renounce, aspects of refinement.

If we wish to create peace, still the mind or learn to control the emotions then we need to practice the qualities of the Peaceful Warrior pose in mind, Defend, Deflect, Rebuke and Renounce, we do not send our arrows in all directions regardless of how much we have been hurt, we turn the other cheek as the law teaches, we deflect these vibrations through higher knowledge, we never hurt for revenge or a bruised ego, we are truthful to others and ourselves, we allow the law of the heart to bring peace to the mind through discipline, control and love.

Our Peaceful Warrior must become our Peaceful Mind.


We wish you unity with your spirit


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