How the Mind works, part 2

4 March, 2021

How the Mind works, part 2 – Ask Maureen

Hello Dear Readers.

As we move into spring, I am reminded of the renewal of life.  Mother nature steps forth to freshen the earth with her new floral gown.  Hedgerows, trees, and flowers bloom.  The evenings grow longer, and the days warmer, expectancy bubbles within us; we too embrace a fresh new start.  The pandemic, and fear, that had us in its grip is ebbing, and we breathe a sigh of relief.

I would like to wish all you Moms, ‘Happy Mother’s Day!’

Lockdown has also enabled us to take walks into the countryside. And enjoy local parks and gardens.  This connecting with nature is also revitalising us.  No wonder the ancients revered trees for they too offer their life-giving force to us, they are the lungs of the planet, and deserve to be preserved. They provide shelter to our birds and wildlife.  And who has not enjoyed their shaded canopy on a hot summer’s day.

I would like to continue where I left off in my last article by sharing some interesting facts, and concepts with you; and if you are aware of them, they are maybe a little refresher.


Auricula Acupuncture

My daughter went to live in India for a couple of years. Me and my youngest son paid her a visit on a long-extended holiday.  We stayed in Bangalore, a province of South India where she was based.

When I returned home, I found myself under the weather.  My system was not functioning as good as it might have been.  Elimination was becoming a problem.  I tried over the counter remedies.  These seemed to make matters worse.  A friend told me of her experience with acupuncture and the benefits.

I imagined great big pins being stuck into me.  She laughed and explained that they were very fine surgical steel pins that you hardly feel going in.  She teased saying, “they won’t be anywhere near as painful as when you had those done” pointing to my pierced ears.

I made an appointment with a lovely lady called Carol, who practised auricula acupuncture.  Carol made me feel very welcome on my arrival and explained exactly what the procedure would be.  She had taken a very detailed history re the problems.  Confidently, she announced “we will have that fixed in no time”.  The ear she explained like the foot, are a map of the body and all the major organs of the body.  Auricular acupuncture was becoming very popular.

She showed me the finest needles stating, ‘these are surgical steel’, and hygienically cleaned after use.  Like all surgical instruments.  And no, they do not go all the way in.  She told me not to cross my arms or legs.  She then proceeded to put the needles in place.  When she was finished, she offered me an herbal tea, as this was also a detoxicating treatment.  She left the room, saying over her shoulder,” don’t cross your legs”.

How the Mind works, part 2 – Ask Maureen

I am a habitual leg crosser; and a few moments later, absent minded, I crossed my legs. Horror, the pins started to pop out.  A few minutes later Carol returned grinning. ‘Ahh you crossed your legs.  No matter.’  She swiftly inserted fresh pins. And offered me the tea.

“How did you know” I asked?  She smiled and explained about the body’s energy system, and the meridian lines.  When a blockage happens, we get a build-up of stagnant energy. As in my own case.  It is this energy that acupuncture shifts.  Allowing the vital life force, known as prana, or Odic force, to flow again.  Healers use this odic force the vital life energy to heal people.

“I would like to talk more about this in another article, as there have been many famous, and not so well-known healers, who have helped thousands of people who had been written off by the medical profession as hopeless cases.”

I am pleased to announce that when the pins were removed my ear bled a little. Nothing to be concerned about reassured Carol.  It shows that the blockage is being removed.  And thankfully next day, so was my problem.  I would recommend you give this therapy a try.

We can massage acupressure points on the body too. I have recommended this to my hypnobirthing Mothers who have found it helpful during pregnancy.

After my treatment I became more intrigued to learn about energies, and how blocked energies in the body can affect our health and well-being.

As a therapist we studied mental, psychological and physical conditions, and how these conditions affect a person’s function and well-being, body, mind and spirit.

This holistic approach would have been so much more enriched if we had included the energy system into our curriculum.

The Chakras: And Energy:

Energy systems and healing is not a new concept to Eastern Philosophy. The Chinese have used acupuncture for centuries.

Healers cleanse and balance the chakras, a Sanskrit word meaning wheels of energy, or vortices that flow throughout the energy body, during healing.

The Chakras have been described by psychics, with clear vision, also known as clairvoyance, as wheels of energy that spin at great speed, like the firework known as ‘Catherine wheels.’  They draw in energy life force, or prana, as it is sometimes referred to. And distribute it via the meridian lines, in the body.   A slow downed chakra or tangled chakra will stop the wheels from spinning at its optimal speed.  Disease may then set in, as the vital organs are being deprived of energy.   The chakras emit different colours and can be seen in the aura each medium will see them differently.

In her book Mind Magic, Betty Shine describes the energy counterpart, which mirrors the physical system, on a non-physical plane. The aura is an extension of the energy counterpart. And the most important components of the energy counterpart are the chakras, and the meridian lines.

The chakras appear opposite the ductless glands in the endocrine system.  Their function is to draw in life force and stimulate the glands’ hormonal output.  The healer’s job is to get the vortices spinning again then the system through healing is restored.

Reiki therapists also check the energy systems via the chakras to see if they are functioning; and the energy is running freely. They use their knowledge and skill for clearing blockages so healing can commence.

Buddhist monks practise meditation, knowing body mind, and spirit are connected; and practice right-thinking, action and doing. Mindfulness has grown from this Buddhist practice.

Interestingly, our thoughts are energy too. Thoughts are things.  Edgar Casey, the sleeping prophet, describes the mind as the builder.  And spiritual law states that what we give out, we get back ten-fold, so please be aware that what we do think, and say will have merits or demerits, depending on the thought, and of course the intention.

According to Betty, when we focus in on ourselves the halo, of energy, the white energy field, that surrounds the head of people, often depicted by the masters in the pictures of saints.  Is drawn in and down in a funnel like shape.  Compressing and depressing the brain.  This is the case with depression, anxiety, and stress.   She based her findings on 11 years of studying the energy field of her patients.  Outward thinking, and positive thoughts expand the halo.  So, its mindful to remember that staying positive pays dividends.  I am not saying never feel down or negative, but don’t dwell on it.  Give it five minutes and then leave it.  If you cannot come up with a solution straight away.  Sleep on it.  Things always look better the next day.

How the Mind works, part 2 – Ask Maureen


Thought and Healing.

Another interesting fact is the work of Dr Masaru Emoto; a graduate of the Yokohama Municipal University Dept of Humanities and Science, who focused his research into the area of how words, can have a tremendous affect on the human body.

He discovered when he put the written words of hate, and evil, including Hitler on a piece of paper and under water and then froze the water, the frozen crystals formed as horrid misshapes.  Whereas, when he placed the words like love, peace, and thank you, beneath or in between water when frozen and crystallised, they showed up under the microscope as beautiful, exquisite jewel like shapes. He also experimented with music and its effect on the body:

Below are two examples of the exquisite shapes that formed using music:

The first water crystal: was formed when ‘The Blue Danube’ was being played. And the emotional hado, meaning life-force vibration, (LFV) revitalisation after fatigue and stress. Physical hado, LFV central nervous system.

The second water crystal: formed whilst music from the ballet Swan Lake played.

Emotional hado, LFV relief from rigidity, and obsession: Physical hado: LFV smoother joint movement.


Emotional Freedom Techniques:

As part of my research,    I was introduced to Emotional freedom techniques, (EFT).  By a good friend and Hypnotherapist colleague.   A therapy that is widely used in the USA and has become popular here in the UK.  The techniques have been kindly given to the world by Gary Craig, who studied with Roger Callahan, and made EFT into an easier technique.  My friend found EFT invaluable when treating people with alcohol related issues.

These powerful tapping techniques have been used to treat a range of problems including phobias, anxiety, and addictions.  I use the emergency points protocol, a quick series of tapping on the meridian lines; when helping people to stop cravings, as in smoking cessation and weight loss, during hypnosis treatments.



The mind and body possess powerful healing abilities.  When we understand this, we can harness the techniques that will enhance our healing, vitality, and well-being.

We will rely less on prescribed pills and potions.

Food and health establishments are thriving as we consult them on vitamin and mineral supplements. Many stocks organically grown fruit and vegetables. Slowly we are getting back to nature and letting food heal us.

As the great philosopher Hippocrates said, “let food be thy medicine”. 

Throngs of citizens are now eating plant-based foods, that are grown by the sun, organically farmed, or locally grown, and are better for us, and the animal kingdom.

We know that touch is essential if babies are deprived of touch they do not thrive.

We all benefit from hugs, and we touch one another when we greet them, or want to console them.  When we do this, we extend some of our own vital life force to the other person.  The receiver returns the affectionate hug, or touch and we revitalise each other.

What Mom or Dad has not intuitively soothed a sick child’s brow, or held and hushed them back to sleep?  Touch is as essential as the air we breathe. We all enjoy a pat on the back, handshakes are another way of expressing our esteem for the other person.

Our understanding of ourselves is growing. We are discovering that we are much more than just our five senses.  We are beginning to question things more thoroughly.  We are in the age of Aquarius, a time of renewal and change.  We are more mindful of the great connection between ourselves and nature.

Our spiritual selves are coming to the fore.  One of the positives of lockdown has been that people have had more time to spend with their families. To read, to discuss, to pray, and nurture or discover latent talents. Whether that is baking cakes, bread, or inventing new dishes.  Gardening, painting, or starting up a business.

As our spiritual knowledge grows, we are believing that there is so much more to life than meets the eye; the evidence we are shown, by our scientists, and alternative therapists, and healers are helping us to adjust our views and beliefs. Thus, acknowledging the amazing life force that is ours for the taking.

It has always been here.  It is our gift; I believe from the power that created you and me.  We just had to be ready, with right thinking and action.

A wise soul once said, “when the student is ready the teacher appears.”

“How true.”  And in my next article I will introduce you to some of the great teachers’ healers that have helped me.


After, all did not the Nazarene, a son of God, perform great feats of healing.  His miracles are recorded in our bibles.


I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article, as much as I have enjoyed writing it and sharing it with you.

Until next time:

Be kind to yourself; look after one and other, You are never alone dear friends.

 And remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

Maureen x

If you wish to know more about these topics then join us on our next Day of Healing https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/events-getting-the-help-we-need/

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