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HBOT- Plasma connection

13 May, 2023

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy

HBOT- Plasma connection

We have had many speak to us about the benefits of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). Rob the owner of Concordia Clinic has written a few words to explain a bit further.

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) has many uses due to the role that oxygen takes within the body. Though one of the main uses that our chamber has, is in the treatment and recovery of injuries and post-surgery recovery.

The way it works is this – Oxygen, which is carried through the Blood, is what enables our cells and tissues to recover and repair. This is because it causes the cells to produce ATP, which is what’s needed for cell repair and function.
When there is injury or tissue damage, the body responds by creating inflammation (which contains other healing cells), and swelling (which is produced to protect the site). Because of the increased inflammation and swelling, blood flow can be reduced slightly to the injury and less oxygen is able to reach the site for repair. There is obviously still a supply of oxygen, otherwise the tissues would die in a matter of minutes! But the supply is reduced somewhat as the Blood flow struggles to squeeze past the inflammation and swelling.
HBOT increases the body’s oxygen absorption by giving 95-98% oxygen in a pressurised environment. This environment causes the body’s oxygen membranes to open up and draw in more oxygen molecules, therefore flooding the Bloodstream. As there is so much oxygen now being absorbed into the Bloodstream, the haemoglobin within the Blood (that carry the oxygen molecules) become saturated. The excess oxygen then overflows and floats around within the plasma, which is the substance that carries the Blood.
HBOT- Plasma connection
Blood cells and haemoglobin are a certain size, and often find it difficult to reach cells when there is inflammation and swelling in the way (which is why many treatments are designed to help reduce inflammation and swelling to improve blood flow). But plasma is much smaller and thinner, and can quite easily reach cells and tissue regardless of inflammation and swelling. So when the oxygen exists within the plasma, the damaged cells begin to get an increased supply of oxygen that then allows healing to take place at an accelerated rate.
We see a lot of patients within the clinic for use of HBOT: for injuries, post-reconstructive surgery, and even cosmetic surgeries (as HBOT helps to reduce scarring and increase collagen). These may be one off treatments for minor acute injuries, or courses of treatment for more major injuries or post-surgical recovery.
Although we see all members of the public from all walks of life, a good percentage of our patients are professional athletes needing to get back to their full training regime as quickly and efficiently with as little disruption to their training as possible. The results we have with the chamber for reducing their recovery times is incredible.

Essentially, more Oxygen = more energy. More energy, means better function, quicker repair and healing, and enhanced growth and regeneration.

Regards Rob


If you wish to know more about this therapy then feel free to get in touch with us at the clinic.  https://concordiaclinic.com/

You can also speak with John who will be at the Life Balance Day of Healing on the 24th of June at Crosby Library, 10am to 2pm.



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