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Lessons learnt and time served – Julia Baxter

1 March, 2021

My first Blog# for Life Balance
It’s safe to say I’ve definitely learnt my lessons the hard way and also I’ve served my time.
By that I mean self doubt, over coming insecurities, being aware of my decisions and actually one day realising I had forgot my value.  My good friend Brian used to ask me a question: what is it you need from a person you can’t get from yourself, I thought it was a trick question.  We get stuck in behaviour patterns and bad habits, enlightenment is the journey and the awareness of who you are.
The biggest advice I could give is always find your own happiness, love yourself with the utter most respect, and remember you can’t rescue those who don’t want to be rescued.  The world is such a better place when you find your own solitude.

Peace, Love & Light


Julia x

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