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Matt’s Plot – January

8 January, 2021

Matt's Plot

With the New year now behind us and the Christmas decorations safely packed away, it’s time to get back in the garden. 



So, what to do now? Well, the answer to that is so much, it’s a great time to finish off any changes in beds or landscaping. I have my new perennial area to finish, having done the majority of the work, it’s just the finer detail now, shaping the beds and finishing pathways with wood chip, which is easier said than done as my allotment is the furthest possible plot from the woodchip pile and in this soggy weather it’s a real slog through the wet ground 

I’ve found that the torrential rain has been a real test of my resolve at times, why would I want to go down my sodden plot when I could easily stay inside and eat the remanence of the Christmas chocolate, but off I go. I always feel so much better when I arrive at the allotment, my stress levels drop off and I just do my thing. 



I’ve planted some Calendula plus that I started from seed last year, also some Jerusalem artichoke and finished with planting some wild garlic, now because I’ve split these areas off using paths, I’m hoping this will stop them spreading all over the place, but only time will tell. I still have some wild strawberries and perennial kales to go in too  



What can you be sowing now: 

  • It really is the last call for Garlic now, as it needs that cold to help the bulb form properly. 
  • Over wintering broad beans can still go in  
  • Onion sets can be planted out also, this will sit dormant for a while so make sure it’s well drained 
  • Start sorting through your seeds, make a list and try to stick to it. It’s very hard to I know  
  • Make a plan of what you’re going to grow and where, also what going to go in after you’ve harvested it. Make that area really work for you 
  • Lay some new manure or soil improver on your beds, no need to dig in just put in straight on top and rake flat 
  • Go through your tools and check them over, I found that my favourite spade and hoe had a form of mould on them, a quick sanding down and an oil and they’re good as new again 



Now I may upset a few people with the next few sentences, but don’t sow any seeds yet. I have already seen people on social media sowing tomatoes and chillies, in my experience unless you have growing lights and time to constantly check them and also huge windowsills and a forgiving partner, it’s just too early, they often grow really leggy and never properly establish. I prefer to wait till at least February and then start to look at sowing my first seed, I look forward to sharing that with you all. 


For now, wrap up warm and go get some mud on your hands  




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