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Our little walk in the forest of Bowland

6 June, 2021

Well what can we say !

Firstly we would like to thank Clarke our Mountain Leader for an absolutely fantastic day, a lovely guy who made our day from start to finish.   The route he chose for us was picturesque, peaceful and very calming.  It was very gentle with only a couple of small climbs (which we were all very grateful for).  His calming and gentle manner allowed us all to bimble and chat between ourselves without a care in the world.


Secondly, sorry for those who had to drop out last minute, you missed a brilliant day and at the end the walk, even though tired we all felt recharged and had smiles on our faces throughout.  This being said we will be releasing the date for our next guided walk very soon so none will miss out.


Thirdly,  great to see all those who came and to chat and catch up, and share a sandwich or two! We were a mixed bag, we had the weather and just being out in the open and surrounded by nature really cleared any fog or haze, just what the doctor ordered!  Clarke led the way with the rest of us smiling, chatting, laughing and joking.  We would also like to thank Rachael (AKA Reiki Rach) and Paul of the Enlightened Mind both part of the LB team.


We could not have asked for a better day, here are a few pictures of our day and if you missed this one we look forward to you joining us on the next.


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