Our Minds

19 September, 2017

Today’s post is about reflection.  How our minds work and how they affect our daily activities.  When are minds are strong all can be ok.  When we are stressed, troubled or tired how does it work then? Is our own judgement correct or perceived? When we have something on our own minds it can be a good thing, it can support us, push us to achieve our goals be positive and focus.  This can also be said of the opposite.  If we think we do not like something then it can make our jobs harder, it plays on the emotions and drains our energy. If we think we can’t then we won’t.

What about when our minds are influenced, how does that work ?  Be it a person, a place, a view or something from our own pasts.  Do we let our pasts influence our present, what do we base our judgement on? What is our understanding of the real self.  Do we still conform to peer pressure, work pressure or a boss.  Does our own mind know best or not when you have that nagging feeling inside that what we are doing is wrong or right.

Do we let our own minds influence others, if we anger, hate or fear do we send this out. Do we use our minds to cause trouble or make peace.  Do we influence others in a positive way with our minds, are we the calm in the middle of storm.   When things are going wrong do we remain strong and cheerful.  We expect a lot from our minds and we subject it to a lot of influences so we should be kinder to ourselves and others when things go wrong.  If someone is not in a good place or the right place then all thoughts can be out of place.

We all know friends and family and we can all have our own problems where are minds are not quite 100%. When our minds are not working properly we know, through our owns experiences, that everything is so much harder to do. The day is a struggle, work and home life too, even cooking or washing can be a chore.

So today lets think about our own minds and those of the people around us and spare a thought for those who are struggling and those who are not strong enough to ask for help.  Today’s post is for those of you that suffer in silence and to make those of us who’s minds are well and strong how lucky we are.


Have a great day and please share this post if you feel it may help

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