We really enjoyed learning about how to be more positive!

18 September, 2017

In yesterdays workshop we had lots of eager faces wanting a switch to turn off those negative thoughts, but instead Paul gave us tools and anchors to help – we can’t run away from our mind, or switch it off, but we can help ourselves to become more positive.

As Paul said, “it takes practise by you”. Realising what we are thinking and using the tools to lessen those nagging voices!

There were a wide range of problems that people struggle with on a daily basis, but all just as equally “important” to each and every one of us, causing us to feel unhappy.

We will post some feedback when it comes in, and we would like to thank Paul once again for sharing his knowledge and experience to help us all. Watch out for the next Mindfulness Workshop….

If anyone would like Pauls contact details, please go to our contacts page where you will find them.

Have a ‘happy day’ !!! 🙂


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