Regression- Very wise words!

1 September, 2022

Before we start this article, we want to remind all our readers of some very important advice written by our Maureen last month.

“I am a qualified Hypnotherapist, and as a spiritual person I do not use hypnosis to regress people back to a previous life.  There is enough drama, upset, and challenges in this life, to be dealing with past lives.  It is also dangerous!”   Maureen Koyne (Ask Maureen)

We suggest our readers reacquaint themselves.   https://www.instagram.com/p/ChFNWX2KjHP/

Many people are not aware of the dangers of so many practices which are banded about these days, what makes it worse is that those who do these practices are not aware of the dangers that they can form for others.  Regrettably our own egos and egos of others can create some tough lessons for us all.

Certain practices can unleash so much trouble in one way or another.  We will put it out there clearly.

Regressing a person to a former life is not a good idea, it is dangerous, please read Maureen’s very wise words.

We are always marvelled regarding the lack of spiritual safety and the lack of spiritual danger awareness of those who embark on these practices or put others in a position of danger.

The past is in the past for a reason.  It is this life that counts!

Ecclesiastes 10:8

Another practice which creates all sorts of havoc is the law of attraction.  Once again so many problems with the teachings here.  However, it is an essential concept which impacts past life regression.  Unfortunately, we see many problematic teachings in our Yoga studios.

Let us compare and contrast:  Think about the dangers this way.  You don’t punch a hole in a boat for the very same reasons we do not put a hole in our minds!

The thing with past life regression it is like a package that once opened can create so many problems and all of a sudden we are dealing with the pain of other lives on top of what we are dealing with in this one.

Just like manifestation ceremonies, be careful what you ask for, as what you get may not be what you wanted!

We will leave you with this to ponder on, What happens if you do not like what you hear, what happens if you do like what you hear.  How does the past now change your present and your future. How does the law of attraction work  once regressed.  How does karma work.  How does sowing and reaping work.  Does the past justify behaviour or mistreatment of others or to ourselves because of what we have been told?  How does Regression effect Yoga?

Is it the truth or a pack of lies.  Can this knowledge twist and shape your thoughts?

If you wish to know more about anything we discuss in our articles, if you have been regressed and what you have been told does not sit well with you then come and speak to us on our,


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