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24th of September – Day of Healing- What is it about?

6 September, 2022

What is our Day of Healing about ?

Our open day is for anyone who has any type of struggle and need some help dealing, getting past or getting over the problem.  Everyone is helped regardless, what hurts or troubles one may not trouble another, we may compare our problems and think it is not important, but we soldier on in pain and silent suffering.

Help comes in many shapes and forms, pain and suffering comes in many shapes and forms. What about when we are unaware of the pain we are causing ourselves? or we can’t see the pain we cause others?  What if the pain is from the past or our fear of the future.

What about if our lives have been turned on their heads, sickness, illness, family troubles, addictions, death, sickness of a pet.  What about if our own minds tell us we are useless or our own worst enemy, what if we live the horrors and trauma from our past, what if we cannot speak and cannot explain what we see or feel.

What if we have traits, we know are holding us back and want change, what about if we are in such physical pain the mind has no space.  What about if we are scared of death or dealing with a love who is passing over.

What about those who’s problems sound mad, silly or stupid if spoken to another, what if the problem is from the unseen, chaos, the dark or dangerous spiritual practice which supposedly brings abundance.

What about those families that have lost someone through suicide or live with the fear or someone taking their own lives.  What about those who have lost a child or lost a parent.

What about those who seek peace and do not know how to find it, those who have supernatural experiences and do not know who to ask.

For those who wish to understand Yoga in a different way, to find union and the peace that it brings.


Our day is not about the people holding the day, it’s about knowing that all who read this can offer help to someone they may not know how to help.


We would just ask if you know someone who needs help please share this, and if needed bring them on the 24th or just come and talk to one of us.

It does not matter what the problem is, what the question is,

Just come for a nose and a cuppa, because maybe something that you hear may just help another!

Day of Healing

We will be holding our next Day of Healing and Open day on the 24th September.  Crosby Library, Waterloo L22OLQ.


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