Reiki Rach- April birth stone

10 April, 2022

Spring has finally sprung as we move forward into April. I love April, not only because it’s my birthday month but it brings new life, blue skies (with a few “April showers” thrown in for luck) and hope for the summer ahead.

If like me you are lucky enough to be born in this beautiful month your birthstone is DIAMOND.
This elegant stone can be found in India, South Africa, Brazil, Russia, Australia and Venezuela.
The diamond comes in a variety of colours such as pink, yellow, blue, green, red, brown, orange, white and clear. However April is associated with the clear diamond so we will be discussing this variant in this blog.
The diamond will bring you protection and will amplify the effects of other crystals. It will bring you positive energy in abundance. Often a diamond is given as a love token and this is no coincidence as it’s energy also aids with bring love to relationships.
If you are embarking on a self development or spiritual growth journey then the diamond is a good stone to keep close to you during this time. It will help with new beginnings clearing obstacles and brings about self love.
The diamond can also bring healing for physical ailments and can help with eyesight, regulating metabolism and act as an aid during detoxification and recovery from poisoning.
The diamond can help bring spiritual awareness and clear the aura. It can also bring clarity and self awareness.
My hope for you this April is that you find all the joys that spring has to offer.
Peace, Love and Harmony
Reiki Rach x

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