The Door Marked Summer

7 March, 2022

The Door Marked Summer

A different look at death.

Some of us of a certain age may remember Michael Bentine and his children’s program “Potty time”, but what we may not be aware of is his books on spiritual and psychic phenomena.

For many the thought of death is troubling to say the least, losing loved ones, parents and children, loss can cause so much hurt and suffering, the pain of loss can even drive some to take their own lives.  What then when someone takes their own life, how do we cope, how do we look at things to ease the pain, will we ever ease the pain.

As a child I remember the programs of the British summertime and rolling countryside, the sun shining and clear. Blue skies, babbling brooks and rivers with picture perfect villages all bathed in golden sunlight, a lovely warm feeling accompanied by the most beautiful of classical music.

This to me is what lays behind the door marked summer.

The Golden Door/ The door marked Summer

Or as Michael explains it what lays ahead of us at our point of death,

Or as we know it Returning Home

Before we move on for those who are struggling it would be worth finding a copy and reading it, Michael gives a lovely way of looking at death but also shares his experiences of looking through the door, the physical to the spirit.  Supernatural experiences that gave him faith and complete trust in what lays ahead.

Unfortunately, in our societies there is not much spiritual teachings on death, or how we refer to it as “returning home”.  If we taught spiritual understandings at school the seeds would be planted and ready to be watered at a later date.  Spiritual knowledge and experiences can give us peace for our time and the time of others, we feel an intrinsic knowledge and certainty that they are ok and we will see them again, and all it is,

 That they have gone a little way ahead.

If I call death, death then that is how we will see it, now if we talk of returning home or the door marked Summer, we can create the beauty on the other side.  What we can assure you if you believe it or not, is that we will be ok, but fear is an emotion, which can stimulate a mental response making the cycle worse.

When we think I wish they were here, they can’t see such and such growing up this is far from the truth, for our loved one who have gone ahead see every moment.  They share the moments nothing is missed to them, they are just not allowed to tell us in the way most of us want.

The Door marked Summer

For those of our military friends and airborne forces there is a sign at number 1 parachute training school Brize Norton, which says “knowledge dispels fear”.  This is very true, like those who jump out of planes, we need faith, trust, hope and that the person packing our chute was having a good day.  However, to jump out of a plane we have free will, but for the living, returning home is something we all have to experience, it is natural.  When we watch others return home it is like being on a slide that you cannot stop, we cannot get off as much as we may want to.

Scared or not, believe or not, know that we will all be ok

From this day forward know that we are returning home, it is not death, it is our time to pass through the door marked summer with something so wonderous on the other side, friends’ family, loved ones already there waiting for you.

The reason we write this is that there is no reason to fear passing over, if you are scared, worried or troubled then please get in touch with any of the team.

We hope that you all find your door marked Summer and the  treasure and beauty that lays waiting for us all.

If any of our reader are troubled, scared or want to know what happens on the other side of the door then please take a look at the following link and article from Paul https://theenlightenedmind.co.uk/about.html https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/death-and-grief-paul-the-enlightened-mind/ or why not come and speak with the team on our next Day of Healing at Crosby library 10am-2pm. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/ 

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