Ask Maureen – Sacred Feminine – March 22

7 March, 2022

Hello Dear Readers and welcome to March.

Spring is just around the corner and already the daffodils are pushing in between the crocus and snowdrops.

It is lambing season and soon our fields will be filled with the sight of gambling tiny lambs.

I love this time of year.  Where Mother nature sets all things fresh and new, I particularly love the cherry blossoms and broom that spring forth from their tiny buds to dress the landscape with colour.

Winter is almost behind us, and new times lay ahead.

In the Church’s calendar it is a time of renewal.  Starting with Lenten and leading into Easter.  The great message of renewal and hope.

It is with this hope that five of us ladies went to Scotland.  Our dear friend Andrea was on leave and optimistically announced, that it would be a great time and idea to travel to Scotland, to visit Rosslyn Chapel, it featured in the movie the Da Vinci Code.  It was to be a feminine adventure. Akin to Enid Blyton’s famous five’s outings; “Hooray”.

We were on a quest to unravel the mysteries, intrigue, and history, of the chapel that was commissioned by Sir William St Clair in 1445. The Chapel took forty years to build.  We wanted to see the intricate carvings that some say hold mystical and spiritual meanings.

We had the pleasure and privilege to sit a while in this ancient shrine in the footsteps of pilgrims long ago.

We were not disappointed after the four-hour drive with only a comfort stop, and fresh coffee to keep us going.  We arrived to find that Rosslyn was almost deserted. A party of sightseers were enjoying refreshments, whilst two cheerful tour guides assured us that in five minutes the talk on the Chapels history would begin.

We hurriedly took our seats, our necks craned to see the carvings that adorned the ceiling, walls, and pillars.

Neal, our first guide gave us a brief history of the St Clair family, the builders of the Chapel, their history, and their connection to the Knights Templar.

We explored all the little nooks and crannies, soaking up the atmosphere, and admiring the craftmanship of the stone masons.

And then, I noticed the organ pipes and went to ask Molly, the second guide if the organ was ever played.” Oh yes, this is a working church, and the organ is played every Sunday, she enthused.”

She was a fount of knowledge, and began showing me orbs, that she had captured while filming a wedding.

We discussed the history of the St Clair family, and she informed us that beneath the chapel floor, the same amount of cavernous space existed.  The staircase had long since been closed off.  Out of respect for the St Clair family’s ancestors.

But I was later told that many of the St Clair men had been laid to rest in full armour.

I wonder what treasures are held down there.

Then Andrea, pointed to the beautiful stained-glass window, my friends had gathered around Molly and were listening attentively as she guided us through the history and sightings of the Chapels two ghosts.

“Ahh, exclaimed Molly that was donated back in 2021”.  Andrea was puzzled, it reminds me of a star constellation.

Then triumphantly announced “it’s the big dipper.”

The sun was streaming through this beautiful stained-glass window casting a radiant, royal blue, hue on the pillars and walls of the chapel.

After negotiating the steps down into the crypt area again, Angela another of our party, decided to video it just in case she could pick up an orb.

Not really expecting to find anything.  She excitedly called us all over to show an orb moving across the room from right to left and disappearing into the wall.  These free-floating lights are referred to as orbs.  Orbs are commonly found in photos but can be seen by the naked eye, particularly around people or in highly energetic areas, such as Rosslyn Chapel.

The colour of the orbs seems to correspond with the energy system or globes of light energy connected to spirits.

The colours of an orb can mean different things to different people.  Overall, it seems that the colours of an orb coincide with the energy systems in the body called the chakras, the seven wheels of light that lie adjacent to the endocrine system, as explained in a previous article.

As you can imagine we were all wowed.

Our trip had proved a success.  It went beyond our expectations.

We replenished our energies in the well-stocked café some of us tucking into Scottish Broth, with warm roll and butter to mop up the juices. Yummy.

Of course, cake and tea ended our splendid meal.

After spending some time choosing souvenirs from the shop.

We made our way back home.

Yes, dear friends, we did this amazing trip in just one day.  We were blessed with good weather, good friends, and guides. But I do not recommend travelling all that distance in just one day. An overnight stay would have been most welcome.

Having said that, we all enjoyed each other’s company, we laughed, and connected on a spiritual level.  Maybe it was the rose-line of Mother Mary that infused us with feminine intuition on the day, for many of us were able to make spiritual connections with some of the carvings, or maybe because it was the rose-line of Mary Magdalene, as suggested in the Da Vinci Code.  A good time was had by all.

This may inspire you to take your own spiritual trip.  Or just to set some time to connect with nature.

Let nature nurture you, enjoy the little bursts of sunshine, walk in the park, along a canal, or visit the seaside.

Let the fresh air blow away the cobwebs.

Until next time dear friends, be kind to one another, and remember a problem shared is a problem halved.

As we too keep our brothers and sisters in The Ukraine crisis in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers.

Love and light

Maureen x

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