Reiki Rach- March- Aquamarine

7 March, 2022

Well it’s March already if you can believe it and spring is just around the corner. If you are born in march your birthstone is AQUAMARINE.


This beautiful blue/green crystal is part of the Beryl family of gems. It can be found in Brazil, America, Pakistan, Afghanistan and Namibia.   Aquamarine can be used on the throat chakra as it can assist with communication and therefore help in releasing stagnant energy from this area.
If you are studying or sitting exams or even looking for balance this is a great stone to use. It will bring calm and clarity helping with study, intellect and courage. However you can also use this stone if you have decided to take a break and do a bit of traveling as it provides protection for travellers.
Physical ailments to do with kidney’s, water retention, swelling, blood and the lymphatic system can all be eases with this amazing crystal. It can also help with eyesight and toothache.
The gentle energy of aquamarine will bring you peace while supporting your inner strength allowing you to bravely head into situations you may find uncomfortable.
My hope for you this March is that you will find all the joys that this changing season brings.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach x

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