Reiki Rach February – Amethyst

31 January, 2022

If you are born in the month of February your birthstone is AMETHYST.
Amethyst in its most common form is purple, however there are other varieties of amethyst notably the chevron (or banded) amethyst. It too is purple but it has a white stripe through it. Other amethysts may appear almost black (these are very rare) and there is also green amethyst. However for the purpose of this blog I will be discussing the benefit of purple amethyst as it is this that is associated with the month of February.
Personally I love amethyst. It is an amazing crystal and I feel it is a “must have” for any crystal collection. It can be found in India, Madagascar, Brazil, South Africa and Uruguay and is a variety of quartz.
This amazing crystal provides protection and brings balance physically, mentally and emotionally, it is also able to amplify the energies of other crystals around it. With its beautiful purple colour it is associated with the crown chakra.
This crystal will support and guide you when navigating feelings of loneliness. Give you the courage needed when making decisions and help during times of stress or anxiety brought about through a change in circumstances, enabling you to move forward in life bringing harmony and balance.
If you are experiencing physical ailments such as headaches, insomnia or struggling with bone health (eg arthritis etc) amethyst will help you greatly as it will gently sooth dis-ease within the body. This gentle soothing energy can also be used when dealing with addiction and is especially effective with alcohol as it aids with detoxification.
If you are wanting to enhance your spiritual practice through meditation amethyst is a good crystal to incorporate. It will provide spiritual protection along with helping to calm any emotional energy allowing you to feel at peace thus enhancing your medication.
My hope for you this February is you will find peace and stillness of mind.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach x

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