The Reality of Yoga Poses

31 January, 2022

reality of yoga

This may seem a very odd title but it does pose some serious thought.  What is our reality, what are our attitudes, what are our perspectives? The Reality of Yoga Poses.

These all contribute to what we know as ” The Self” the physical, the ego or in simple terms, the mind.  Todays post is not so much about the mind but to open the doorway of thought on our individual yoga practice.  We would like to suggest the following question for you to think about.

Does a Yoga pose change our reality?

What changes our attitudes ? Is it science or fact, is it learning or experience,  suffering, wisdom or truth.

 is it an emotion, compassion, forgiveness, protection or love.

Is it survival ?

How does fear effect our reality?

or what if we see things from a whole new perspective.

The Reality of Yoga Poses.

The Yoga we teach is not like others, it is from the insight of spirit and wrote for the times we live in, sometimes lessons from the past need to be updated to reflect the world we live in today.  Some lessons will stay the same but  what remains constant in all our created realities is truth and unconditional love.

This takes us back to our initial question:  Does a Yoga pose change our reality?  From our perspective, yes very much so, only when we learn to unlock it.

Our yoga poses must become animated not static, the yoga pose must,

imitate the qualities of the pose,

it must be free of material dogma,

it must EXPRESS the love of the heart.

Our Yoga Poses must become thoughts, action and deed,

we should learn to understand Vinyasa.


Demonstrate the Pose!

If you wish to learn more about this subject then join Lisa for a class or 1-1 or at you can find here at Absolute yoga or as an alternative join on our next “Day of Healing at Crosby Library, where you can ask all your yoga questions.


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