Unlimited Yoga for 12.50 per week

21 September, 2017

Life Balance Studio is not just Yoga.

We are about providing help for mind, body and spirit within.

Life Balance Studio was set up to provide quality yoga classes to improve the health and wellbeing of all our students.  We offer both hot and non hot yoga classes for all abilities, both public and private.  When we first set out it was always our intention to be more than just yoga as sometimes the help that is needed is not just with the physical body.   Our workshops are aimed at  improving your Yoga practice, improving flexibility, reducing stress and to understand how our minds works and what can be done to promote a happy healthier life style. 

We offer Yoga, spiritual healing, holistic therapies, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, counselling, meditation and education.  As our name suggests it really is about finding the balance.


If you want to benefit from a cheaper package then become a committed member.  If you like the no obligation and complete freedom to choose when you pay and break when you like then become a non committed member.  We are still the cheapest yoga studio in the area and we are much more than yoga.  Come in for a look and see for yourself. We are very down to earth and all are welcome.

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