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What is Creativity

18 March, 2023

What Is Creativity?

“In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”
Genesis 1:1
God, the ultimate source of creativity made us in His image. He gave us some of his attributes, including creativity. While people cannot make matter out of void they do create art, invent tools and solve problems using that God given characteristic. We are creative by nature, each one of us expressing creativity in our unique way.
Creativity is the use of imagination or original ideas to create something, it has no limits. When a person steps on a path to enrich their mind, body and spirit they naturally have an expansion in expressing themselves creatively. When led by the spirit, they will probably create something beautiful and enjoyable. Meditation is a great way to supercharge your creativity, unlock innovative thinking and much much more. A highly connected brain is a highly creative brain.
“Every child is an artist, the problem is staying an artist when you grow up”
Pablo Picasso 
What is Creativity
Tests were carried out on 5 year olds to see how creative they are, with 98% of them passing as creative geniuses. Five years later only 30% passed and another five years later it dwindled to 12%. In adulthood just 2% scored as creative geniuses. Why is this? When we enter into the education system our heads are filled with facts and figures suffocating our precious little minds. Our inner painter, composer, inventor gets pushed away as we are rewarded for compliance rather than originality.
Man is limited by nothing but his thoughts. So now is the time as adults to bring back our imaginations and to experience our creative flow state. Creativity fuels passion, meaning and purpose, its wonderfully fulfilling and gives you a great sense of joy.
Next month I will give some simple steps to getting creative and unleashing that inner Picasso!
Thank you for reading
Dionne x
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LB note:  For any who battle with thoughts and mental health issues then using art can be a powerful tool to help, it is also a great for stress and anxiety.  https://genesight.com/blog/patient/depression-art-help-understand-and-cope/

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