March – crystals Reiki Rach

18 March, 2023


Last year we touched on crystals a little, discussing different birthstones and their healing abilities. This post will be slightly different. I won’t be discussing any particular crystal I will be talking about the energy they harness.  So this month we will discuss March – crystals.
As I explained in my last post everything has energy, even crystals. The energy of crystals is rather special because they come from mother nature. As crystals lie in the ground for many years they absorb the Earth’s energy. And what is amazing is that depending on where you are in the world the energy can be very different.
Crystals have a pure energy and therefore can absorb energy very quickly. This makes them amazing tools for healing as they have the ability to lift low frequencies up to a more positive and healing frequency. But when working with crystals we need to remember that we MUST cleanse them. 
Because they easily absorb other energy they can become “infected” by low energy quickly and it will stick with them until they are properly cleansed. A few of my favourite ways of cleansing and charging the crystals I work with include
March – crystals Reiki Rach
Running water – now not all crystals can tolerate water so please make sure you check before using this method but it is a really good way of cleaning your crystals. If you can find a fresh spring that is flowing that is even better. The water from our taps isn’t good as it contains lots of chemicals and the crystals will absorb that chemical energy so if you aren’t by fresh water you can use filtered or distilled.
Earth – place them in the ground. This is probably my choice way to cleanse my crystals. Placing them back in the ground they will pick up mother nature’s vibration and quickly start to resonate with it.
Smudging – ok so I don’t actually use this form of cleaning but I know it is a popular one a bit like leaving them in the moon light it just doesn’t sit well with me as it becomes a bit ritualistic ( yes there are dangers in rituals). But it can cleanse the crystals.  However, people while doing this tend to do it alongside intention setting and that’s not good as you are interfering with the energy source of the crystal.
March – crystals Reiki Rach
Sunbathing – this is when you leave your crystals out in the sunlight. This can be a nice way to cleanse them but like leaving them in the moonlight it can become ritualistic.
Because crystals pick up energy easily we have to be aware of where we are purchasing them from. For example if we purchase crystals from someone who is also into tarot or casting spells to name just a few dark entities, the crystal will become contaminated by this dark energy.
Rach x
LB note:  Rach, has raised a very important point in the last paragraph.  If we bring an object into our home that has a problem, we will create more problems.  Are our readers aware of what problems can occur and how they take shape.  If you do notice a negative change then put the items outside and see if the issues disappear.  If this is something you wish to know more about then get in touch or come and speak with us on our next “Day of healing” https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/   https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/events-getting-the-help-we-need/

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