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6 June, 2024

Whole New World

June 2024 Sign with Alan


Hello again


Hello readers, as you may know I have written some articles now for Life Balance for about a year now and have been present for a few of the healing days. My work is slightly different to the other members, but certainly of the same spirit and good intentions. In my articles I have been teaching some basic signs and sharing some of my knowledge about deaf awareness. I will endeavour to do more in the coming months as well as some of my thoughts and inspiration on spiritual topics.


When I started to learn sign language, it was mostly out of interest for other languages and a fleeting thought of interest. For many who learn sign language; they may have deaf relatives, friends or family and want to be a support to them, which is good. I have no reason like this and had never met a deaf person before I learned. The only sign language I was aware of was the early hours of the morning when an interpreter would appear in the corner of the television.


Throughout my training my awareness was opened to a whole new world, societies of people that have always existed, but have been and still are ignored, and have struggled for many years for equal rights and access to services the rest of the world takes for granted (known as the hearing world in Deaf culture). I believe mostly due to lack of interpreters and very little deaf awareness in mainstream society. There is a slow gradual improvement, such as more information being available in BSL because of the Sign Language Act 2022; which means all public services and information should be accessible in BSL and a BSL GCSE due to become available in 2025.


On the last few Healing Days I have been available to welcome people and advise people on spiritual matters, as well as promote deaf awareness by giving out information on the sign language alphabet and people have showed an interest which I feel happy about. I have been able to teach some basic signs, teach the alphabet and then how to sign people’s names. As I have mentioned in all previous articles, the alphabet is the best place to start.





My wish for the future is for deaf awareness, basic sign language, deaf history to be taught in primary schools, work places, on TV advertisements, TV programs and more information generally. It is said one in five adults experience some form of hearing loss, are deaf or have tinnitus in the UK, that accounts to about 12 million people.


When I think of the population of deaf people; including those who are hard of hearing, deafened) I think about the bible reading in Matthew and Luke when a Shepherd has 100 sheep and 1 goes missing. The shepherd leaves the 99 to go find the 1 missing sheep. Eventually he does and is overjoyed. Although the deaf population as a percentage might be roughly about a 1% average. These people still matter. The kingdom of God is accessible to all Gods eyes. And 1 % in the world is still millions. I believe God means good and doing the right thing.


I hope you have enjoyed reading my article and hope to see you at the next healing day on Saturday 20th July, 10 am to 1.30 pm at Crosby Library, Liverpool road.


Entrance is free, all services are free and donations are welcome. Please come along for a free cuppa and cake and meet the team:  Lisa, Maureen, Paul, Rachael, Ian, John, Louise, Brian and myself.


I have changed the format of signs I would like to teach to relate to the article. This means when I do write an article, I will teach signs which marry with the article and also a few signs which I have previously taught to refresh your memories. Hope you give them a try. Have fun, God bless you all.


The signs related to this article are (please see related video):


Good morning

Good afternoon

Good evening

Good night




Hard of Hearing



Thank you

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