Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose p.2

18 October, 2017

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child's Pose p.2

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose p.2

What does he know about yoga- he can’t even do one of those thingy-ma-jiggy head stands or that crab thing !


Very good question – the answer is very little apparently !


However, this being said, instead of just being told we are releasing emotions, ask our teachers this……

Teach me how I can stop attracting undesirable energies and emotions and to stop these  being sent to me by others.  If we are crying or emotional they must be able to tell me how to counter this before it starts !  What about the other unpleasant things that go on in a Yoga studio, surely the teacher knows how to stop these ?

The current understanding of Yoga is very different to what it is originally intended for.  The west have blended philosophies, corrupted the teachings so of course there is danger.  Unfortunately the dangers are skipped over or we are just told we are releasing emotions and not to worry about the other “weird” occurrences !

To help us on our way we need to take another look at Child’s Pose and what it means.  If a picture paints a 1000 words then a pose paints 10,000 – or shall we change the word “words” to vibrations……….. To those amongst you who understand Samadhi, the following 2 lines from The Gospel Of Thomas will make sense. ( The Gospel Of Thomas was found in 1945 in Nag Hammadi, Egypt, and is said to be the actual words of Jesus.) Funny how we can use Thomas to understand Pantanjali’s teachings !


“He who amongst you becomes as a child”,

Shall know the Kingdom.


The Kingdom = Samadhi.  He who amongst you becomes as a child shall know Samadhi.  Very interesting, so what does this mean to us?  How is this going to stop us crying, be upset, angry or having unsettling experiences during and after yoga ? How will this help me move forward in my practice.

It is quite simple we are not doing what the pose is telling us to do.

When Pantanjali complied the 8 Limbs many people could not read or write, there was poverty and a cast system.  We also need to remember that the ancients spoke in pictures – a toilet door is an example of this, male and female signs.  So why is child’s pose any different?  So what is Child’s pose telling us to do?

If we do not understand the instructions then its up to us to make sure we do – ask!!  Pantanjali tells us how to behave, how to conduct ourselves.  The warnings are in the Limbs plain and simple.

Lets take a studio scenario and we have all done this, when we see others arrive we make assumptions, we can judge people on their cars, how they look, what they do for a living, are they good or bad, how much money they have.  This goes further, are they slimmer than me, how does that make me feel – emotions! I have more muscles, I have more money than them, what religion are they, I am taller than them.

Why 99.9% of us have not mastered Child’s Pose p.2

These are all tricks of the Ego which stimulate emotions.   Are we controlling the emotions or are they controlling us?  Jealousy, anger , sadness, lust, greed, fault finding.  Do we do right from wrong ! We can think, I am better than them, I am important, I have this bag that bag, a better car.   We even see people trying to out Yoga others- really out Yoga- Ego.  How does this make us feel? Emotions.  “Not me, I am not like that”,  but we all have it in varying degrees.  If we think that we more important than others we are not learning the lessons of Pantanjali.  We make too many assumptions on the external and material instead of the light that is within. – Namaste.

We can all be cruel with our words, we can lie, gossip, cheat and be hurtful to others.  We can be so full of self importance that we become selfish the complete opposite to what the limbs are teaching us.  We focus on the physical and material instead of the spirit that is within.  We allow emotions to control our actions.  What happens then- what we send out comes back double.  It’s ok we are just releasing emotions. What about the person next to me- what are they doing, are they crying or angry- can that effect me?  My teacher is crying- what is the effects on the whole class ?

So what is Child’s pose teaching us ?

Little children are not interested in our colour, religion, where we come from or what you have. Children see what is within.   They are closer to spirit. They are not interested in how important we think that we are or the clothes that we wear or the house that we live in. They do not have Ego’s which isolates them or fill them with their own importance.  Not  immersed in the material. We need to be able to forgive as children.

The child’s pose is telling us we need to assimilate qualities and the innocence of a child to reach the Kingdom, Samadhi, the peace that is within.  Being as a child also protects us from the negative emotions that we can send out which harm ourselves and others.  Child’s pose is telling us to radiate love unconditionally- very hard in this day and age.

Until we learn this lesson we will have untoward effects and they will continue.

What we send out comes back double.

When we focus on the exterior, the material or the pose we are not getting it right- if that was the case we are saying to any that are physically challenged that they can not find the kingdom.  That is not what Yoga is about.   Not understanding Yoga is a very dangerous practice, we see students manipulating energy that they have no understanding of or even aware of.  Kundalini being one of the more dangerous.

If we can not learn the lessons of child’s pose and hold this position pain free and comfortable why on earth would we be able to open our hips without pain ! (Yes pain free and comfortable in other words it has to be part of our own integral nature and not just for an hours practice.)

So are we really ready to open our hips !!!!!!

Childs pose is the doorway to knowledge


Please share these posts, like them or not like them! Think about it when you’re next on the mat in Child’s Pose, have I mastered this? Can I look at the person on the mat next me as a child would ?

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