Yoga is sign language

21 April, 2023

Yoga is sign language

Many of our readers will have now seen our friend Alans new blog.  We have wanted for some time to have the facility to convey our message to those who are non verbal or use sign as a primary form of communication.

Many years ago, I had the luck to hear a talk given by Al on St. Francis of Assisi.  As Alan was telling the story, I was seeing many different things.    I was understanding things in a different way.  What I saw and felt was obvious and clear.

This has led us to today’s article.  Yoga is sign language.  Just like Alan’s talk, we need to see through the story, to see the qualities, what aspects are involved.  Those of us on a yogic path.  We need to look through the pose, to see the essence of the pose, the elements or the requirements to make a pose complete.

In simple terms what animates the pose: What makes it work.

Sign language allows us to communicate, bypassing the ears.  What allow us to understand each picture/symbol or Pose.  Is it our minds, do we remember the picture.  A slight side track now, how do we know ourselves?   Are we remembering ourselves?  Think about it.  Using sign language we are communicating with another.

The Question for Yoga is, who are we trying to talk to ?

As we have been taught the meaning of a sign, we then remember the word or instruction.   How does this work for yoga.  For a moment think about any pose, what are the qualities, do we know what the pose is trying to teach.  Most importantly where are these signals going, where are they being interpreted.

We have been alluding for many years now how yoga works.  It really is very simple.  Imagine doing a flow of yoga poses, we are then giving a set of instructions no different to Alans non verbal instructions.  This is why we always set our intention and that is for a good old stretch.

Yoga is sign language

Now imagine Alan showed a sign and did not know the meaning, the message it was intended to convey. Imagine if the sign/symbol or pose he gave was incorrect.  Think of the problems confusing left and right has…  We have all been there!  This is where yoga of the West is.  Thankfully Alan knows his stuff and will keep us on the right path.

To finish, the set of instruction or poses are not for our physical body.  They called to our higher nature to the spirit that is within.  The etheric counterpart that reflects change on the physical body.  However things change, vibrations change, instructions change, instructions improve and yield better results.

Sometimes if we are working from an old instruction manual we may get our signs mixed up, things may have changed.  Maybe the machine has changed, it may have evolved and we need a whole new manual.

We hope that our readers find their Sign that leads to Peace

If you wish to know more about this subject.  How we can use yoga to help in our everyday life then please get in touch or come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing.  24th of June at Crosby library 10am-2pm.  You can follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with all over events and articles.

We would like to thank for use of the title picture.

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