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A Speedy Recovery

23 May, 2023

A Speedy Recovery

A Speedy Recovery- John Fairbrother


Kaitlyn is a 10 year old runner from Liverpool who was due to visit our free Life Balance Day of Healing in Crosby last month with an issue with her foot.

Unfortunately, due to ongoing Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber treatments I had committed to at Concordia Clinic, I was unable to attend, so instead, invited Kaitlyn to the clinic for some treatment.
As a keen runner and member of Liverpool Harriers, it was important to get her back on the road as quickly as possible, as her mum, Ashleigh, had noticed a change In her overall mood due to not being able to train.
Kaitlyn was offered some sessions of both Localised Cryotherapy and Compression Therapy on the injury, as well as wearing a supporting boot supplied by Alder Hey hospital.
During the 3 weeks of visiting me at the clinic, the feedback from her mum was good and she was starting to move around again pain free.
I’m happy to now say Kaitlyn is back running short distances and is looking forward to training again with her team mates.
Although the treatments offered will not give an instantaneous recovery, both are designed to “speed up” the injury by offering cold air therapy to reduce swelling and increase good blood into the area, as well as compression to move/rid of the swelling and help with lymphatic drainage.
John Fairbrother

Concordia Clinic Liverpool


We look forward to meeting those who can attend our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library on the 24th of June 10-2pm Healing Days

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