Pigeon, Swan, Forgiveness

23 May, 2023

Pigeon swan understanding

Pigeon, Swan, Forgiveness- LifeBalance


When we wrote our initial article on the Pigeon or Swan, Pigeon or Swan what is the difference we wanted to write a lot more.  However too much information can overload, or the understanding is lost.  Once we have shared a subject then over time we can add to the information.  We wish to provoke thought!

Speaking through a yoga lens, even the word add can change our understanding if we are teaching from the truth of the spirit.  We have been doing this for some time using a physics statement.  That is “When we look at something it changes”.

Many may not realise but we have been teaching all our readers in an abstract way.  When we begin to teach how to connect, all will become very clear.  Today we would like to share a thought/vibration/wave or seed to apply to our physical practice.

Many will not even consider how forgiveness can assist or interfere with our physical practice.  This is where the pigeon and the swan can create a learning point.  Today we are sowing seeds so to speak.  All we ask is that our readers think about this topic, explore it and ask questions to what we have been taught already?

The role of forgiveness is more important than any physical pose.  However it must never be forced.  It must be held pain free. 

We will share a few connections to look at.  A pigeon has claws a swan does not.  Swans can be vicious and bite pigeons do not.

Sometimes with claws we can accidently scratch.

Having a sharp beak, we can nip accidently.

We can scratch on purpose

We can bite on purpose

Another may bite or scratch us intentionally or unintentionally

 Pigeon, Swan, Forgiveness- LifeBalance

Why is this important?  Why does this matter to our physical practice.  We will give it a simple answer.  Whatever we have in our mind (mental body) or dealing with emotionally (emotional body) will change our practice.  It will make the practice harder in some respects, cause confusion or in most cases over stimulate the emotional body.

Many of you will now be wondering, what has forgiveness got to do with a pigeon or a swan?


Do either a pigeon or a swan perceive the concept of forgiveness? It seems there may be a mismatch between pose and meaning.  Is it then possible for other poses to be mismatched or misinterpreted?

Maybe an important aspect that connects the two has been left out!

Some important aspects in yoga are clarity and control, we cannot do that when crying, upset or emotional.  It is better if negative thought, negative feelings, and negative emotions hold no power over us.  We may not even know why we are crying but rest assured something is there.

Is there something under the surface that we cannot see?

We have spoken before on aspects of this topic so we will ask again.  What is harder, the headstand or forgiving someone who has really hurt us, broken trust or put us through pain.

Let us consider another point of learning from the pigeon and swan.

What if we hurt others by our own words or actions. How does this effect our yoga practice?  Did we demonstrate any attempt at control, or did we act out of emotion or anger.  Did we release emotions? What if we have hurt others by accident, situation or outcome and we did not mean it?

Does our own thoughts and emotions effect our yoga practice?  Yes.

Many of us spend a lot of time improving our performance on the mat. How many of us can hold the pose of forgiveness.  At this moment in time, we are only opening the door of knowledge and to give our readers some points to interpret.

Is the pose trying to aid us, is it giving a quality that we need to absorb, understand or contemplate?

There are other spiritual aspects which are not known or taught at this time.  There are huge amounts of Eastern philosophies which are just skipped over. There is no understanding of the Western philosophies and how they affect Eastern practices.

Can a Pose interfere with our minds or emotional body? Yes!

Those of our readers who have been following us since the beginning know “We don’t talk about chakras” lol.  Not because we can’t. There are far more important and helpful aspects of yoga which we can share.  When the time is correct, we will guide those who wish to understand chakras to the right place.

We have to ask the question again why is forgiveness linked to the pigeon and swan poses?  How can the understanding of forgiveness improve out practice? What does it do for us!

A few words to guide you.  The poses are keys.  One may close as one may open.

Be gentle with thoughts to yourself and of others.  Be compassionate. We are here to make mistakes, to learn, practice.  We cannot control the thoughts or deeds or another.  At times we cannot change our environment or situations.  We can however, learn to deal with outcomes, to be at peace and free ourselves from pain and unseen karmic connections.


We wish you all unity with your spirits.


It would be helpful to read the articles below.  When we next write about the pigeon and swan we will give some spiritual mechanics to animate the pose and to put into practice.  

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For those who have questions or wish to know more about these subjects.  Our next Day of Healing is the 24th of June, 10-2pm at Crosby library or join Lisa for a class. Yoga and Pilates Sessions with Lisa or at Absolute where she teaches. https://www.absoluteyogacrosby.co.uk/

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