Change my Pose

5 April, 2023

Change my pose

Change my Pose: Change my tools

Over the next few months we will begin to write slightly different.  We have given our readers plenty of materials to connect dots.  However, we believe this will give our readers more questions to ask.  This is good.  When we question we learn more information, things may not be what they seem.  As we say

When we look at something it changes!

When we use the word Pose we should think about the words thoughts.  If we think of the word thoughts its insightful to think vibrations.  This then will will give 3 layers at looking at anything, 3 levels of questions.

Missing teachings.

As the yoga of West ignores so many aspects and is packaged in a way that renders its effects null and void.  There are understandings which could help us all but are not known.  Then we have the aspects which are dangerous or change things in a detrimental way.  Things that misguide and create chaos because we are not aware of the laws that govern.

Change my Pose: Change my tools.

So continuing from Maureen’s article https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/seeds-and-the-mind/.  We will sow a few more seeds.  In life there are many things which can upset, anger and hurt us.  There are things which can infuriate and drain us.  How we respond, how we control or how we deal with things is the big question.

These issues, happenings or thoughts can control our emotional response but also set the stage for further thoughts especially if negative.  It is easier to roll something down hill than push up hill.  Negative thoughts can do that, they gather momentum before we know it, we then create the right environment for emotional response.

This is where things get harder.  So we will ask our readers to do a bit of self analysis on emotional thoughts and emotional feelings.  How does emotion change our behaviour, how we think but most importantly: What happens to our own vibration?

Some of us may be able to nip the thoughts in the bud, some of us may not, some of us battle all day long.  Some of us may feel we are slave to the lower mind or we just do not have the tools to change, improve and control.   A burst of anger not only lowers our vibration, but if we have sent out negative thoughts will see double return and once again puts us on the karmic roundabout.

We may find ourselves in the same daily cycle.  Nothing that we do changes anything.  In that case we need to.

Change my Pose = Change my Tools

Resilience comes in many shapes and forms.  Simply the ability to bounce back, to bend, to be flexible, to endure pain, to control the mind.  To have the strength to continue.  Sounds a lot like yoga does it not?  The real strength in yoga is imitation, not the physical pose but the qualities and lessons that a pose or thought can give.  Both have the ability to change the vibration of ourselves when HELD PAIN FREE.  

Sometimes everything can affect us or a single problem can cause the pain.  In that case WE need to change.  Learn to make our minds flexible.  We can train our minds to counter negative thoughts.  Know the laws which change us from the inside.  Be Flexible, let things go over our heads.  We can connect to the light that is within to be our lighthouse.  The light that guides when in trouble waters.

Apply the lessons of yoga to our minds:  Everything changes.

Understand how thoughts can grow, change, attract.

Low thoughts and vibrations effect the physical.

If we cannot get to the Root of the problem, then we need to change our tools.  We need to gather the tools, the lessons, the Practice and to be shown how to use them.  We will leave our readers with this to consider.

There comes a time, when the darkness of life seems to smother the light that is within.  Sometimes all that is needed is to fan the flame, to feed it, to nourish it.  To change our pose, our thoughts from within.  To be our lighthouse when the waves crash down so that we still shine, even in the darkest and most difficult of times.

When the tools that we have our not working then change them.  If the pose we are doing is not working improve the pose.  Maybe we need to understand Pilates in a different way.

We wish you unity with your spirits.


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