April Thoughts

5 April, 2023

April Thoughts

April – Thoughts  Reiki Rach

Welcome to April readers. I cannot believe that we are in April already!? This year is flying by. This month we are going to be talking about thoughts and how our thoughts can impact us and the world around us.
As I have stated in every blog already this year [I am sorry about that but I just want to be crystal clear] everything is energy and yes you guessed it that includes thoughts. This means that when we have a thought.  Good or bad that energy seeps out into our world and effects the energy of everything around us including our internal energy.
The basic principle is that happy thoughts equal a positive life, bad thoughts equal a negative life.
The thoughts we think become like an energy magnet. The more positive thoughts we have will increase the positive experiences we have and vice versa. This is because of the energetic vibration or frequency of our thoughts. For example if we think a positive thought we feel better our outlook is better and we see positive changes all because that one positive thought created a vibration that attracted other positive vibrations to it.
Now I know it’s easy to tell someone to “think happy thoughts” but in reality it’s not as simple as that. Yes I believe that this is well intended when someone tells you this and yes they are right. By thinking happy thoughts or thinking positively that will have a positive impact on you physically, mentally and emotionally. However if you are struggling with your mental health and you find that your thoughts are negative it can be hard to shift back to a positive mindset because of the energetic frequency.
April – Thoughts  Reiki Rach
So here are a few little tips and tricks that have helped me in the past to shifting the balance.
1. When we realise that thoughts can pop into our head for no reason it becomes easier to use our discernment. This means that we can disassociate our thoughts from ourselves. So when a negative thought suddenly pops into our head.  We can think hang on that’s not something I would think, that’s not me.  I’m going to simply let that go and turn my focus onto something lighter.
2. Now please heed this advice because this is a big one. So you have been having negative thoughts and you have used your discernment and said nope I’m not thinking that anymore. You will naturally begin to think of that thing more. So you need to be aware of the language we use. Don’t tell yourself “stop thinking xyz” “I’m not going to think of this anymore” simply change your language and say “I know this isn’t my thought.
I ask it be moved away from me” or something similar and the next part is very important. Get physical. By this I mean move away from where you are when you had the thought. Go make a cup of tea, go for a walk.  Go to another room anything to shift your focus and when you are in a negative mindset. It can be hard to stop thinking negatively.  If you move your body you are breaking the circuit in your brain and making it focus on something else.
3. Physical exercise is a fantastic way to shift the balance. Through moving our bodies we are releasing endorphins (positive chemicals) into our body and these also have an energetic frequency, a positive one. So if we start each day with some form of exercise it sets us up for the day.  It creates a positive vibration and as we all know positive vibes will start to attract more positive vibrations.
I really hope that this blog helps you to realise just how important our thoughts are and help you understand that if you are struggling with negative thoughts there are positive actions we can take to shift the balance and bring us back into a positive energy field.
My hope for you this April is you have happy thoughts in abundance.
Peace Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach
If you are struggling with thoughts or wish to learn some tools to help improve our thinking then come and speak with us on our next Day of Healing at Crosby Library
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