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5 January, 2021

Maureen Koyne

Hello Dear Readers; Happy New Year!

May 2021 Bring health, and happiness to you, and your loved ones.


In this month’s article I would like to talk about hypnotherapy.


As an Advanced Hypnotherapist, I am privileged to work with people who want to overcome difficulties and make changes in their life.

Sometimes those changes are for health reasons, an example to stop smoking, so that they breathe easier, save money, and feel fitter and more energised.  Similarly losing weight will have benefits too. They not only get to feel healthier, but they also get to look great too.

Or some may wish to conquer fears and phobias that have in some way stopped them from doing the things that they want to do.

One man wanted to stop biting his nails a habit that he had picked up from childhood.  He was so pleased to be able to shake his client’s hands without feeling bad about his ragged nails.  His confidence soared too.

A lady who feared going out in case next doors, cat was sat on her car over come her phobia, and now can pass every tabby without flinching.

And the artist who created time and space for herself by overcoming her fears, by employing her newfound assertion techniques, restoring her self-esteem and confidence.

Some readers may have visited a hypnotherapist in the past.  But for some readers you may have never considered hypnosis as a form of therapy.

Below I have listed a question-and-answer format regarding what hypnosis is about.




Advanced Hypnotherapy:

Q: What is Advanced Hypnotherapy?


Advanced Hypnotherapists’ have all undergone undergraduate training and have studied with a reputable college of Hypnotherapy.

They follow a strict code of practice and conduct:

Hypnotherapy is for health –a kind- of preventative medicine.  It is used to assist people in breaking free of any problems that keep on spoiling your everyday life in some way.  Hypnotherapy and particularly self-hypnosis can help people to deal and cope effectively with the pressures and stress of modern day living.

Hypnotherapy is not just about problems it is about effortless change, getting in touch with why you are like you are, and who you want to be.

Frequently asked questions:

What is hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a state of deep relaxation in which the client is very aware of what is going on and is always in complete control:  Hypnotherapy helps with Phobias, stress, anxiety, depression, exam nerves, public speaking, weight loss, smoking cessation, and much more:

Can anyone be hypnotised?

Yes-if they really want to be:

Can I be forced to do anything against my will?

Emphatically NO! The client is in control with his/her sub-conscious mind; the seat of all emotional and behavioural problems.  Most other forms of therapy are carried out a conscious level, and the will-power of the conscious mind is small against that of a learned response from the past.

These responses and emotional reactions are like computer programmes which keep running and running, causing the same unpleasant effects; until they are dealt with,

A behavioural pattern/programme tends to occur and is laid down in the sub-conscious mind in response to a situation that usually happened in the past.  When the person grows up the situation changes, but the behaviour response sometimes does not.  As hypnotherapy can change that behaviour response on a sub-conscious level, the scope is endless.

From extensive studies in 1955 The British Medical Association (BMA) approved that hypnotherapy was an effective method of treatment.


In my next article I will continue with the benefits of hypnosis and will be talking about hypnobirthing,

Until then. Take good care of one another.  And remember a problem shared is a problem halved.


Maureen x


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