Noble Silence or Being Noble ?

3 January, 2021

noble silence or being noble

Noble Silence or Being Noble ? The Path to High Office

It is said that being Noble is the closest one can be to Royalty. Let’s put that into a Yoga context, before becoming a Raja we must demonstrate and practice being noble.

He or she must act in a higher moral code regardless of how they are treated.

Difficult indeed!

There are many keys which can help unlock the secrets that we carry within, the road to Samadhi/Peace being a difficult path and is not as easy as being silent, there are other qualities needed, lessons to learn and practice before waiting patiently.

We see many now using nobility to sell their business or to put themselves above others, with that being said there are those who do understand what it is to be noble and act accordingly, nobility is more than noble silence, which is a small part of the understanding.  If I am telling you that I am noble then I have not learnt the lesson of being noble, I am not ready for high office, this is the Ego or vanity.

Being noble starts at the heart centre, it comes from the spirit, regardless of the situation it becomes more difficult to act in a way that is not noble, it may be from a previous incarnation or that the spirit within is communicating to you in a way that it wishes for union, it wishes for high office, to free its self from the bonds of the physical pain and suffering through service. We may hope for change, to be better, to create our tomorrow that brings harmony into our lives.  Let’s think on that, how I behave now creates my tomorrow, this is wisdom- Yoga, the more we think on this the more difficulties we can see in achieving this.

Like any journey we need to be prepared, we need to know the basics and have someone guide us, we also need to be protected should we encounter difficult terrain and to understand the warning signs before events, the road to becoming noble is such a path with more time off the path than on but we keep on trying, we change OUR ways, change Our minds to help follow the law that the king has set.

Sometimes our minds run away with us or we can pick up a negative energy or emotion that distorts our view of ourselves and others, it troubles us, talks to us in way that we send out anger, criticise or send out less than noble thoughts onto the mental plane, these all hit their intended target.  We must learn to quiet and control our minds, we must be sure on where these thoughts come from.



We may need to be silent in order to learn control of our minds or stop us saying hurtful or regrettable things.  This is where the understanding of warrior pose will help but it’s not about grounding.  When we think of a warrior think of the word Knight, who serves their King or Queen. When we try to follow the noble path, we speak from the heart but also act from the heart, the mind and words reflecting kindness to each other, inspiring to act in a better way.  Sometimes being kind with your words is better than silence.

Being noble is not about physical wealth, money or standing in society it is about how we live our lives, interact with others and follow the difficult path to being crowned.  Every day we encounter people who are noble, do the right thing, treat people correctly and make difficult choices for the benefit of others and they do this in noble Silence, that means they tell no one of their deeds, their actions, they are not trying to be noble, they are humble, they are service to others with no expectation that to serve, their reward being, helping others and keeping the law of the heart.


We can only ever try, if we don’t get it right today, we can try again tomorrow, never give up, it does not matter how much we get wrong it takes time to learn how to follow the heart.  Think of the Warrior/Knights pose, learn to withstand and stand strong.

For the heart stands with you,

For the King stands with you.


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