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Create Peace from within

1 January, 2021

Create peace from within

Create Peace from within: Self-Healing in 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for everyone in one shape or form, so for 2021 why do we not try to heal from the inside, let the spirit within guide us, help us, console us and give us council and strength.

Before you all switch off just hear me out and read a little further. Fighting spirit, Christmas spirit, highly spirited and kindred spirit are all aspects of qualities we carry.  Our outsides reflects the spirit that is within.  We all know people who are mean spirited but then again, we have not walked in their shoes, so we try not to judge.

I was very lucky in my spiritual development as had a good insight from a young age but also for many years scared of Ghosts.  I would see them everywhere until my friends’ aunty turned it off.  This being said she told me that it would come back in my 30’s and wow how she was correct.  I am still grateful and humbled by all of those who showed me a better way!

I studied and read books but for some reason there were certain aspects of psychic development that I could not read for love nor money.  Only years later knowing why, my spirit was keeping me safe from dangerous practices.

So today I wish to share with you some books that have helped me on my spiritual journey.  Helped heal me inside and out and will help others.  For those of you who wish to find yoga with the spirit within the teachings of White Eagle will help.

In 2014 after many years of learning and developing a under a kind and humble spiritual healer.  I read a book by John Burns called “For the love of God: Where spiritualism has gone wrong”.  I thought I had a good understanding, but John’s book connected so many dots and changed my perspectives.

Lets correct that, it enhanced my understandings which then lead to greater insight and understanding of other spiritual and psychic practices.  This kept me away from potential pitfalls.  Sometimes we need to know dangers to avoid them.  If we wish to take the higher road, develop spiritually and find peace from within, we may need someone to show us a better way. At times we may do things unbeknown that are stopping us connecting to the spirit within.


The 2nd book is called “Medium Rare” by Margaret Sharland which taught me how to self-heal and introduced me to the healing stones.  Like any spiritual practice (especially our Yoga practice) we may not always know if it is safe to perform or not.  This practice is safe, regardless always ask for protection, guidance and permission, something we teach to everyone embarking on a spiritual journey.  Even reading certain books and articles can cause problems, even words on a page carry vibrations that can cause disharmony.  How many of you have read articles and got a headache?

I have never met Margaret, but I owe her and her spirit guide a thank you for introducing me to the healing stone of the Topaz. The real Gold, the warmth and love of the Sun/Son/Golden Ratio, Christ or Krishna vibration.  When we carry the Topaz within we can weather any storm and keep our heads above water even if we may feel like drowning.


Proof is always in the pudding so don’t just believe, feel from the heart. What do we have to lose, here on our planet there is much pain and suffering, why not try to find the peace that we carry within, that Golden treasure, the healing light!


We do suggest that you read our archived and other blogs to help understand and if you do have questions feel free to get in touch.

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