Garden and Growing

Christmas Gardening

28 December, 2020


Hi, so before the year ends I’d like to show you what we’ve done to our garden over the past few months.

From this !




We moved in in September to a jungle garden which all had to be cut down, we filled 2 skips in the nice weather and then started on the house renovations.
But I couldn’t rest, I needed my outdoor space to potter about in, even on these cold winter days.



I’ve attached a few photos to show you where we began and where we are today, my feet were freezing!!




We are getting there slowly !


I can’t wait to get back out there to potter some more, I must buy some thermal socks! Being out there today helped me ground myself after a busy few Christmas days. I hope you can make time for yourselves, do you something you enjoy that gives you peace especially during these hard times we are going through.

Have a lovely New Years Eve!

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