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7 January, 2021



Life is a balancing act, whether it’s about finding time for family and friends, work life and social life. We have to be careful we don’t devote too much time in any one area of our lives at the expense of other important aspects of living.


2020 was probably a year when that balance was upset for the majority of people. It would be easy to see it as a year of doom and gloom and with the 24 hour news stations  focused on COVID-19 it may well feel like that is all last year was about. However it’s important to balance that view with a look at the more positive side of the year. In life there is an opportunity for us to look for a positive that can grow out of what may be a terrible situation.


For ten weeks, every Thursday, the public stood outside and acknowledged the role of the key workers in society who usually are to a large extent overlooked. NHS staff, postal workers, street cleaners, delivery workers, shop assistants and teachers were thanked for all they do. Neighbours spoke to each other more and communities came together to step in and help each other and those who needed it. Maybe because of the lockdown and social distancing we learned to appreciate our families more, and simple things, like the touch of a hand or a hug.



We may not always be able to take a positive view and that’s okay, nobody is positive all the time, nobody is perfect. As I said in my previous blog paying attention to what we are thinking about can change how we feel. If we are constantly reading or watching news stories about bad situations then we may start feeling down or believe everything is doom and gloom. It’s in those moments when are aware of what we are thinking that we can reflect on what we are feeling and how we would like to feel.


It is important that when balancing all that is going on in our lives that we do make time for ourselves, whether that is having a yoga session or just going for a walk. Taking time each day to have some quiet time for ourselves can make a big difference in our lives.


It can be as simple as finding a quiet spot to sit or lie for even five minutes away from all distractions which will help to calm the mind.  If you wish to try this just get settled in a comfortable position and close your eyes and focus on your breathing, take some slow deep breaths and become aware of your stomach gently rising with each in breath and gently falling with each out breath. At first you may find many thoughts rushing into your mind and that’s okay and natural and if that happens just let the thoughts go, when you realise that you are thinking of something, just acknowledge it and focus once more on your breathing. With regular practice you will find that you are able to relax and focus on your breathing without distraction.


So even in the current lockdown situation we all find ourselves in we can take positive steps to help ourselves and help others. It may not always be easy but by changing our perspective and looking for the positive in any situation we can change how we feel.






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