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Art as Healing

16 March, 2024

Art as Healing

Art as Healing – Fatima Whitbread:  If any of our readers have seen where Fatimas has been this morning you will know of the importance of creative therapy.  Creative therapies helps build resilience and reduces anxiety. Art and music therapy allow children to communicate emotions and more complex stories than they could using words alone.  This is important for any young person and not just those in the care system.

Young persons doing hand waxing.

Children in care council Essex’s youth group. Probably the only place where young people in care do not feel different. With everyone coming from being in care. The friendships, learning, fun, laughter and peer support young people gain from this group is invaluable.

It’s not just young people that can benefit from creative therapies.  Adults can benefit also.  Just as we can express emotions and unspoken issues through art, we can also learn to heal from our artwork.  We can put our heart and soul into something or create objects or things of beauty.  If we put love into something it will reflect back.

Art as Healing- Fatima Whitbread

There are many children who struggle, who suffer dark thoughts and battle mental illness, no difference from adults.  These can all be helped through creative therapies. If there are any readers who are supporting young people there are some links at the bottom of the page.

With Fatimas permission she has shared some of her art work ( For those who are not aware, she is a very keen artist).  If we have hectic schedules, have busy minds then maybe try some creative artwork to help us calm down and relax.

Art as Therapy

We all need to take care of our minds and give it some down time when necessary.  It is important we find the balance.  If we are stressed or battling then maybe some creative therapy will allow us to let go of what is troubling and replace it with something positive.  For any reading this, who are struggling, then sunflowers are very good at helping the mind but whatever we draw, allow it to give us peace, comfort and achievement.

Art as Healing

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Pictures and artwork courtesy of Fatima Whitbread.



If there any of our readers who are supporting young people, adults or anyone battling and would like to talk more about this subject. Then feel free to get in touch or come and see us on our  next Day of Healing.

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