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Pursuing the Goal

15 March, 2024

Pursuing the Goal

Pursuing the Goal: Fatima Whitbread:  For  those of us who follow Fatima via her instagram, we can all see how determined and persistent she is.  When we have belief in what we are doing, we can always go further.  When we know the benefits and the impact for others, then this can surpass the goals.

Fatimas campaign  keeps growing from strength to strength, gaining more and more support across the whole of the UK. Before Fatima launched her campaign she has helped many people, with lots of her work going on behind the scenes and in the sporting sectors.

This being said Fatimas campaign is more than finding foster parents and loving homes for children, it’s about helping those that may not have had the chances that we have had!  Those that may not have had the best start to life or who are now trying to improve, do better and trying to overcome the obstacles that being in care can bring.

Fatimas campaign has now found its way into supporting those young people who may have taken a wrong turn and found themselves in the prison system.  The intention with her partners to set up a care hub running programs to help in rehabilitation, employment and reduce the chances of reoffending by offering opportunities for success and development.

 Fatima has always been like everyone’s mum, she just wants all children, to have a happy and safe childhood.  

Fatima is testament of what a loving home and direction can achieve!


Pursuing the Goal – Fatima Whitbread

If you would like to help Fatima on this worthy campaign you can find out more by clicking the below link:


You can also keep up with Fatimas adventures by following her on Instagram: fatima.whitbread/ 

If any of our readers have found themselves to have taken a wrong turn and want help to make those changes then come and speak with us on our next event.


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