Battling Suicidal Thoughts

11 April, 2024

Battling suicidal thoughts

Battling Suicidal Thoughts

This article is written from experience and is written to help those who are suffering.  I want to share an experience that I had. It was not pleasant but serves as an eye opener and very important learning on my spiritual path.

These invisible dark spirits can induce thoughts and feelings of self-harm and suicide.

For this article we will focus on those people who have, what we know as an “attachment”.  This is where we have a very unpleasant dark spirit interfering with our thoughts, feelings, health, work, finances, dreams and interactions.  We can go into a lot of detail, but we will keep it simple for this article.

We can believe that these thoughts that we have are our own.

Again, a very large subject here.  However, this article is to highlight the dangers of those who give spiritual messages when they have no idea of the source, this includes those who do reiki and angel cards but there are other ways we can let in an attachment.  These things can lay dormant for years.  There are many different types of spirits with different levels of interference.

A little Story

Many years ago, I was working overseas.  At that time, I was helping someone with some big spiritual problems that were affecting the whole family.  The problem was they were giving messages from the darkside by not testing the source.  Even when people are having a terrible time, they may not believe what you tell them to help, so much can be the grip of the dark.

However, on this one phone call that evening, the person asked how I was.  I explained work had been particularly difficult for a number or reasons.  In a moment of letting my guard down, I asked what do you think?  Yes, that simple to let dark spirits in.  However, my electric fence went up, by that what I called my “Spidey sense” or spiritual protection.

I let them in by ignoring my own senses when they told me otherwise.

What I mean by this is that my spirit warned me, and I knew the feeling but in the absent moment I made the connection, and the dark spirit was in my aura.  At this time, I did not have authority to do removals only healing.  I will explain a little on what happened on the call.  When I asked what their thoughts were, the learning spirits, darks spirits were around the person.  They gave me a name which I knew would cause a lot of trouble, I knew this was not from the good. It was not a peaceful resolution!

I am sharing this, so others can learn from my experiences and to keep safe.

Instantly after the call, I started to feel sick, I knew there had been a transference.  It was not even an hour that the thoughts of killing myself began.  Yes, that quick, that strong.  I could not get that thought out of my head, it was on constant repeat.  My whole mind engulfed with no respite, the thoughts challenging all my beliefs and creating stories to cause harm and my demise.

Battling suicidal thoughts.

This was over 10 years ago and very early on my path of healing.  These thoughts were horrendous with no escape, no focus, struggled to talk, for my mind to be anywhere else.  It knew all my faults and weaknesses and was happy to use those at my expense. To destroy my self-worth.  This went on for days and nights.

These dark spirits feed off our pain and suffering.

All it wanted was for me to take my own life.  My saviour was my spiritual knowledge I knew something was wrong, I knew this was external.  It was an attack, my mind engaged in a constant battle with little room for anything else. Symptoms would only ease off when the sun came up, sleep was very minimal at this time.  Interfere with sleep and they can break us further.

All of these battles were in the silence or screaming in my mind.  My work colleagues oblivious to my plight.  The voices telling me to abandon my spiritual healing and my path for the sanctity of my mind.  At this point, I did not know how my path would grow and evolve, they needed me off the path, it needed to be strong.

Saved by a friend.

Luckily for me a very good friend called me, another with good spiritual knowledge.  They had called just to say hello and catch up.  I asked if I could run something past them and told them what had been going on.  The answer was “you have picked up an attachment”, we both new the source.  I had not listened to my spirit.

It must have been a coincidence (there are never coincidences, only connections) one of our other friends was with them.  They have the authority to do a remote removal. After explaining they said in about 20 minutes you will feel better.  I have never heard any truer words.

Battling suicidal thoughts.

I will never forget the feeling, it was like being in water with the level raising higher and higher till it past my head. Then instantly everything had stopped, my mind returned to normal, my emotions and feelings returned to calm, the clarity in my mind restored.  The link to the dark spirit severed the weight and pressure lifted off.

I had been healed, I was lucky enough to know, had enough spiritual knowledge to know these were not my thoughts.  Yes, I had battled before but this was different.  The other side had shown how they trick, how they manipulate, how they enjoy and take reward for our suffering.  It was my spiritual knowledge that allowed me to defend myself until help arrived.

Unfortunately, many are not as lucky, they act upon these hurtful and destructive forces, not able to talk, to share or have the strength to combat these highly intelligent, manipulative forces.  We can become battle weary.  We can believe their lies.

The dark feasting on the misery of all who suffer.

These experiences allow us to help many, to know how it feels, to feel helpless and want it all to stop.  To plan the event, till the thought becomes normal.  Voices telling us the pain will end, it won’t, it will be worse on the other side.

This is one of the reasons that accepting messages from mediums can bring chaos into a person’s life. There are many spiritual practices that are far from safe and invite in problems and chaos.

If there are any reading this who have suffered mental trauma, PTSD or mental illness, then we can be more susceptible to these invisible influences.  This being said there are many ways that we can let dark energies and spirits into our lives though lack of knowledge, lack of awareness and just not knowing how these things work.

As spiritual healers, a lot of our work is removing (exorcism) these invisible forces from people and places.  These are the forces of the dark that cause hurt, chaos, pain and suffering. They delight and enjoy our torture.

We wish you all unity with your spirits,

to connect to the light that is within, that protects and strengthens.

Picture courtesy of Andrew Neel.


If anyone would like to know more about this subject or is battling then come and speak with us on our Healing Days, Self Healing groups or just get in touch.


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