Mazzikin and Jinn

3 March, 2024

Mazzikin and Jinn

Mazzikin and Jinn.

There are many who will have never heard of these two words before.  There are many who have not seen them, but can tell you of their effects.  Both are invisible to those without psychic abilities, but we can all see and feel the havoc they create. Just turn on the news!

We only have to look at our world today and see what is going on, so much hatred, anger and hurt. Too much violence. Too many despicable acts, too many innocents being hurt.  Wars being created that will ensure there is hatred between people for the next 100 years.

For those who are not aware Mazzikin and Jinn are names for both Jewish and Islamic spirit beings. For this article we will focus on those negative entities that cause pain and suffering.

Spirits that cause harm

To simplify this article, it will be easier to know them as demons and dark spirits. We would not give them the satisfaction of being called anything else.  Dark spirits cause chaos, disease, anger, hatred, pain and suffering for all that they surround.

In our healing sanctuaries and healing days we see many who are afflicted by these unseen spirits.  Many do not believe, many won’t have it.  Only until they feel the negative presence lifted do they become believers.  These entities twist our minds, manipulate us and increase hatred, they can put thoughts in our heads to do unspeakable things.

In any war zones these dark spirits thrive, but it is not only in war zone that we find them.  We see them feeding on thoughts of anger, hurt, inflicting pain and killing innocents.  Attracted and fed by these thoughts and deeds, they get stronger and multiply, creating a vicious circle of hurt pain and suffering, being played out in our world today.

Their presence cause chaos, the opposite to Peace

One of their strongest abilities against those who are affected is to make the person believe these things do not exist, that they are not affected.  That the perpetrator of heinous acts are acting in God’s name and what they are doing is noble, just.  There are many of us on all sides who do see what is going on, we do not call for war but for peace.  We are aware of those fuelling the fires and profiting from the suffering of others.

We see many on our media, so called influencers and people of authority, fake preachers, egos, calling for more violence, unwittingly supporting and doing the bidding of these unseen beings.

The best form of defence is attack, is far from the truth.

Fight fire with water,

Living water

Our hate, our anger, our hurt, our pain and suffering.  The call for revenge bringing these destructive beings closer and closer. These beings influence our minds, our responses, our actions.   What thoughts we send out into the world always come back double, we begin to fuel our own wars, create our own karma.  Many blame God, this is not the case, we all have free will to act in any way we choose.  We create our tomorrow, our leaders and those that lead to war create the karma that we all must live in.

Remember the words “love thy neighbour as thyself”.

Many will not believe, they will dismiss.  We are mad, mental or weird because we see the truth.  Just because we can’t see something it does not mean it is not there.  WIFI, radio, TV signals, infrared panels, X rays, MRI machines all use invisible signals, unseen to the physical eye.  We can feel and see the effects of these.  A TV remote creates an action at the other end, images produced on a screen, this is how are unseen adversaries infect the mind.  They play on are hurt, our weakness, anger and upset, we then create the vicious cycle.

Logic and diplomacy all gone, the freewill of mankind and our lower natures run riot.  These beings are highly intelligent and know how to create suffering.  The moral high ground lost, they know the buttons to press, the exact buttons to create hate and fuel their campaigns.

Invisible Influences – Real Pain

There are always good people on every side, on each side of altercation and to these we must trust and listen to, to send the light, to shine in the madness of war.  To share that light so that it may reflect peace with those who need it.

If we send out thoughts of hurt, anger and killing we make the other sides problems worse, our own thoughts influence the action of others. These invisible thoughts impressing via the mental plane, again unseen by the physical eye.  We make the problems worse through our own hatred and anger.  The demons and ghouls make sure these thoughts hit their target.

By focusing on the negative aspects of others, we bring these faults out in ourselves.

These invisible vibrations changing the auras of the targets increasing immoral actions, adding fuel to the fire.  These thoughts, of the lowest vibration also return to us, making our own problems worse, increasing the cycle of hate and disruption.  The invisible ghouls* and demons inflicting mental pain, vibrations and pictures, feeding off our thoughts, getting stronger with every angry thought.

Creating chaos, the opposite to Peace.

Shalom, Peace be upon you, Peace be with you, OM Shanti.

This chaos is already contaminating our planet with the call for war getting louder and louder. We can change this.  Never think that we are useless, hopeless, it begins with each and every one of us.  As much as the darkness and chaos is coming, never forget the words of Francis of Assisi.

Not all the darkness in the world can extinguish one candle!

Every Angry thought we send out, we lower our vibration, the lower we come, the more these influences can then take hold of us, interfere and control.  This is a trick of the dark, to create emotional response and in that that anger, hate and revenge we do the damage to ourselves, we invite the chaos in.

We may know these things by different names, but rest assured they are all on the same team.

We must unite.

To fight the darkness, we must find the light.

It is time that we change the world we live in by reflecting what we all have within!

If you wish to know more about these topics or you feel you may be affected then get in touch.  Our next ” Day of Healing” is on the 13th of April at Crosby Library.  Our Self Healing group will now continue for another 5 weeks, each Saturday morning at Crosby library 10.15-11.30 for those are suffering in any way shape or form.

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*(Ghuls/Ghouls are the cruel and vile class of Jinn).  In this article we will refer to those spirits that like to punish humans.

Picture courtesy of Markus Spiske

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