Our Spiritual Sisters

15 April, 2024

Our Spiritual Sisters
Picture curtesy of Alex Fu

Many of our readers and those who attend our healing days know “our Rachael” AKA Reiki Rach.  Rach always signs off her articles with the words, Peace, Love and Harmony.  There is a very interesting spiritual lesson in these words. These words can help us on our spiritual path by finding our spiritual sisters, the daughters of Sophia, or our Divine Mother.

There are many misconceptions about male and female, masculine and feminine on our planet at this time.  Many are unaware of the balance needed in thoughts, deeds and actions.  Those who are trying to improve their thoughts, actions and vibrations, the girls are more important than we may realise. Regardless if we are incarnated into a male  or female body, it is important and useful, let’s say essential to know our sisters.

Our sisters will lead us to our brother,

They lead us to Peace!

Within each of us, we have the qualities of both masculine and feminine, the qualities of our heavenly father and mother.  Only when we think about things in a different way can we see things in a different way.  We have written about our sisters before.  We will leave some links belows for those who wish to read further.  Understanding how to use both  feminine and masculine energy is essential for those on a spiritual path and those healing from trauma, hurt, pain and suffering.

For many years we have written about understanding how yoga poses effect the body and what poses  can help or create pain and tears.  For those teaching yoga, it is important to know how feminine energy effects the female and masculine bodies as well as how masculine energy effects the male and female bodies.   When used correctly we can free from emotions not release! We digress!

For those of our readers who are not aware of our sisters, their names are

Faith, Hope and Charity. 

Sometimes we can struggle to find our other sister, her name is Grace.  Each of our sisters have so many qualities to help, relieve, guide and teach.  Each of our sisters have the SPIRIT of our Heavenly Mother, these qualities are in each and everyone of us, we just need to uncover them.

Their vibrations are already within.

All of our sisters bring an Abundance of Love. They want us to find the peace that is within, the light that within.  To do this we must learn the lessons of our sisters, to find our other sister,  her name is,


Only through Harmony can we find balance, we can find our brother, find balance, cooperation, friendship, goodwill, accord, tranquilly, understanding, yoga, unity, PEACE.

Mary Magdalene taught the apostles, think about it !

However there are things in life that interfere with the balance and how we think, feel, act and behave.  Our thoughts can become out of balance as our hormones can (we see this a lot in yoga).  It is better if we find balance from within, find Harmony from within.  Regardless of what is going on around us, externally or on this planet if Harmony is with us, our brother is with us, then peace is with us.

Our Heavenly Father and Mother wish us to find their daughters, as they want us to find their Son.

They are both within,

Only with the help of girls will we find our brother,

The Son, The Sun, The light that is within.





Seeing any connections yet?   We wish you all unity with your spirits.

If you wish to know more about these subjects then please get in touch, join us on our next Day of Healing or join our Self Healing Group ( The bottom of the Pot).  Our next Day of Healing will be on Saturday the 20th of July 10am-1.30 pm at Crosby Library.


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