Tarot & Reiki

2 July, 2022

Tarot & Reiki

Tarot & Reiki – Reiki Rach

I felt I needed to write this blog to spread awareness of the negativity and dangers surrounding divination.

So what is divination and why is it dangerous? 
Divination is looking into the future. You can use pretty much anything as a tool for divination but commonly people use
Angel cards
Playing cards
Tea leaves
Crystal ball
More and more I am seeing the negative effects of divination and seeing individuals deeply affected by the negativity surrounding it. By using these tools to predict the future you are inviting dark energy into your life. The darkness manifests in 3 areas of your life;
1. Relationships – once dark energy has crept into your life they love to disrupt it in any way they can and the quickest way to do that is by playing havoc with your relationships be it with family or friends. Causing arguments, friction and even relationship breakdowns.
2. Finances – they are not satisfied with simply upsetting you by causing relationship issues so they move onto your finances. This can be small things like your new car breaks down and costs hundreds to fix, to huge things like having your home taken away from you.
3. Health – unfortunately many people experience health issues while dabbling in divination. I cannot stress enough that no good will ever come from divination.
Now moving onto healing and divination. All the time I am seeing people using cards (by this they are referring to tarot and Angel cards.
Don’t be fooled just because people suggest they are using angelic energy does not mean that it is a safe or light practice) during healing treatments. 
Let me start by saying there is NO place for tarot in reiki or any healing session. Reiki like any other healing modality is there for your highest good and to bring healing, love and light to you. It is irresponsible for a “healer” to bring darkness and low energy to you. It’s contradictory. They are not healing you if they are enabling this to happen.
Now I realise that tarot has become very popular and people are curious and want to know if their new partner is going to be the love of their life or are looking for comfort after the loss of a loved one and the idea of knowing what’s to come sounds exciting and comforting but it will only invite darkness and destruction.
I implore you do not allow anyone to bring darkness to your life. Keep your vibration high and walk in love and light.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach
Tarot & Reiki – Reiki Rach
*If you wish to know more about the dangers of Tarot and learn the spiritual laws governing healing then come and visit us on our next healing day. https://lifebalancestudio.co.uk/healing-days/
Also if you have had negative effects from either giving or receiving Reiki then get in touch because there are far worse problems we can create than what is mentioned above.  In many cases what has been given needs to be taken away and started again!  https://www.instagram.com/innerenergyreikirach1/
Healing does not make things worse !
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