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Ruby- July Reiki Rach

2 July, 2022

So we are over halfway through 2022, but fear not there are still another 6 beautiful gems and crystals to learn about. If you are born in July your birthstone is RUBY.

This crystal is loved for many reasons one of which is it’s beautiful red colour along with it’s ability to bring health, abundance and balance to ones life. It is commonly mined in Thailand, India, Madagascar and Myanmar.
Healers enjoy working with the ruby’s energy as it has an abundance of gentle healing and subtle life aligning abilities such as bringing balance, creativity and passion to your life. It is also a powerful tool during distance healing.
It is important to have good physical health but also good mental health and ruby can be used to promote good decision making, increase brain activity and bring balance and stability. During times of anguish and distress the ruby can bring comfort and light to a dark situation.
Due to the ruby’s colouring it’s not hard to see why it is commonly used to aid with the circulatory system. People who experience low blood pressure may find it useful to wear ruby. It can also aid with ailments such as anemia, blood detoxification/cleansing and the menstrual cycle. It can promote a healthy monthly cycle and aid with embryotic health.
My hope for you this July is that you find peace of body, mind and spirit.
Peace, Love & Harmony
Reiki Rach x

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